Administration admits ObamaCare is a hardship to American Citizens

    As I usually do in the morning, as I am getting my girls ready for school, I opened up the Drudge Report on my iPhone, and was amazed to read that President Obama and the Dept. of HHS were going to waive the individual mandate for as many as 500,000 Americans. I turned to a BLOG post on the “Weekly Standard,” by Daniel Halper titled, | Read More »

    Floods and Government Run Programs

    As a native Nashvillian, I have great respect for the kindness and generosity of those who live and work in Middle Tennessee. Our friends and neighbors are always first in line to help people affected by tragedy – whether those folks in need are across the street or around the world. Over the last couple of weeks, we have shown the world how a community | Read More »

    Healthcare Rope-A-Dope

    This week the President announced that the “healthcare debate was over”, and that “all that needed to be said about healthcare had already been said.” With that statement, the Democrats have been put on the spot because there is still no Republican support for either bill. Traditionally, the Senate will pass one bill, and the House will pass a separate bill. Then, members from the | Read More »

    The Country Continues to Trend Conservative

    Scott Brown’s victory yesterday in Massachusetts was the latest shot in the Conservative Revolution. As America continues to trend back toward conservatism, last night’s victory will send shock waves throughout the political arena and will inflict political casualties on the Democrat agenda. The first casualty will be Obama’s healthcare plan. Although the Democrats will consider using reconciliation to pass a scaled-down version of the healthcare | Read More »

    US Airport Security

    In response to recent events aboard our airlines — the American people are facing more scrutiny and delays in our nations airports. Just look back to 2001 when Richard Reid tried to blow up a jumbo jet with explosives in his shoes. Now all of us have to take off our shoes and have them x-rayed prior to boarding a plane. Was this an appropriate | Read More »

    Big Tent – Bold Differences.

    We conservatives are constantly being told by the mainstream media that “Republicans will suffer in the upcoming elections because they are not inclusive enough.” That we do not want to include the “more moderate Republican.” I say to those pundits, who always seem to show such concern for Republican welfare — You’re dead wrong. During his acceptance speech in 1984, President Reagan said, “Four years | Read More »

    Defense Wins Championships

    In football, it is said that “defense wins championships.” But there is one defense that is often met with boos and jeers – the prevent defense. According to ESPN, a prevent defense is used when a team is ahead by more than a field goal but fewer than seven and the clock is winding down, the only thing that can kill them is a big | Read More »

    Conservatism on the Move in Tennessee’s 5th District

    I am a Conservative Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in Tennessee’s 5th district Running against Jim Cooper (D-TN). I was inspired to pursue political office after participating in the TaxDay Tea Party Protest. The thought that a group of tens of thousands of people across the country, many of whom had no previous protest experience, coming together to fight the Left in Washington | Read More »