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    House conservatives do have a nuclear option to deal with the ruling class leadership.

    Many of us have a date in time when we came to a realization that conventional methods for reforming government at a national level are just graceful gestures of futility. My moment came on Election Day 2012 when I saw my congressman (Duncan TN 2) being interviewed in a high school gym by a drive-by info-babe and she queried: (paraphrasing) “What legislative accomplishments are you | Read More »

    Can we convene that Article V convention now?

    Can we convene that Article V convention now? I see no other option at this point. From Wickard v. Filburn ~to~ Realville v. Sebelius it’s apparent that “We The People” Have finally been deemed irrelevant by all branches of the federal government. Every action has a reaction and Chief Just-us Roberts’ (RINO-ObamaVille) opinion colorfully points out our duty to change the very constitution that the | Read More »

    The Three Reasons I support Herman Cain

    /Rant on 1) He is the only candidate advocating a complete “replacement” of the Tax code. Every other candidate/media personality/Redstate poster seems to think that our byzantine 80 thousand page disaster can be amended or repaired with the snap of a finger. (Insert your own Unicorn/fairy dust analogy here.) I didn’t go to Morehouse or No-House… But anyone that thinks it can be repaired is | Read More »

    A different perspective on tax reform.

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