As a natural born citizen, I have been endowed by certain inalienable rights by my Creator. By that same natural law, I have also been given responsibility; to live by in peace with those around me whenever possible, insure that my children have a better world through wise stewardship of time, resources and wealth, and to place extreme value upon and protect those I love. That said, I also know that while I am but one of many, I will never look at another person without acknowledging that they, too, are loved by God and base my decisions on that simple truth. If I see someone in need and have the means to help, then I will. Waiting for someone else would be to shirk my duty as a person and deny my faith. 50-some years old; married; three 3 kids; some college (with additional ongoing course work in the School Of Hard Knocks­™); musician, teacher, worship leader and general all around know-it-all (don't tell my 15 year old as he's convinced that I'm dumber than a box of rocks). Enjoy reading and studying a wide array of subjects and though I don't understand all that I peruse, I know that when I stop learning, I will be ready to be boxed up and marked "Return to Sender."


    Reflections on 2012

    Thomas Crown, has published a well reasoned and thoughtful diary entry. regarding the endorsement of Gov. Romney by The National Review (NRO) staff in this election cycle.  I was going to issue a short comment, but as I considered what I felt needed to be stated, it quickly crossed the line into thread-jacking, I decided to post a this new diary and reference his post. All of that said, I | Read More »

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    Trolls on RedState and the Use of Smart Mobs

    The recent trouncing of President Obama in the debate this past Wednesday, coupled with his apparent lack of concern in actually winning the election seems to have put the leftists into a full on fever pitch of retaliation. The blogosphere is chock full of examples. For a good ‘on the street view’, check out the posts at Twitchy showing Twitter feeds in the past day | Read More »

    The “Obama phone” controversy

    I saw the now infamous video of the Obama supporter who brazenly tells the world that she has an “Obama phone” when it first broke late last week. The woman in the video then goes on to list the qualifications or requirements for receiving said object of governmental largess. That there is really such a thing as an ‘Obama phone’ comes as no surprise given | Read More »

    New slogan for the election

    remember 9/11 2001 and 2012!

    Reagan’s 1000 Years of Darkness

    Alan Caruba’s blog ‘Warning Signs” has posted this updated video with Ronald Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing” speech (1964). While some might think it somehow prescient, a clear headed view of reality will give anyone with two brain cells to rub together such foresight.     While I’d heard it years ago, current events and issues facing our nation make it as relevant as ever. | Read More »

    About Personal Responsibility

    Mitt Romney is absolutely correct when he said that there are those who do not “take personal responsibility and care for their lives”. I don’t blame him for saying that, and adding that he did not expect nor would he attempt to win their votes –  a waste of time and money. My wife and I both came from what could politely called the bottom | Read More »

    Additional proof that we are now a land without free speech protection.

    The recent midnight arrest of an anti-Islam filmmaker brought this video to mind. I feel it is very relevant given the trampling of our constitutional rights in recent days. Content warning: this video contains violent mob action. Please view at your own discretion. Consider this an open thread.

    Digging the site upgrade, huh? Boy, howdy!

    I for one am elated with the new design. These tired old eyes need a certain amount of contrast to clearly see and read text. And read I do. Much much more than I linger upon and make comment on. The front page is clean, concise and now has all the diarists one expects to find when dropping by. The front page writers are again | Read More »

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    Election 2012 vs. Election 1980

    The first portion of this diary started as a reply to Renl57’s comment about the 1980 election campaign in Erick Erickson’s Diary “Calling The Election Today __________________________________________ I was watching the political landscape that year with great interest as I’d voted for Carter in 1976 (my first vote) and after the disappointment with his administration (watch what they do, *not* what they say) I | Read More »

    Chicago, Chicago.. Its “Their” Kinda Town…

    Drudge has a slew of reports about the situation in Chicago. The hysteria in the media is almost as bad as the perfect storm of (bad) information during the Hurricane Katrina debacle. Rush pointed out just moments ago – rightfully so – that the democrats are the law in this town and these are the very people who are record as saying that they would | Read More »