Election 2012 vs. Election 1980

The first portion of this diary started as a reply to Renl57′s comment about the 1980 election campaign in Erick Erickson’s Diary “Calling The Election Today http://t.co/a2I94WdN


I was watching the political landscape that year with great interest as I’d voted for Carter in 1976 (my first vote) and after the disappointment with his administration (watch what they do, *not* what they say) I knew that I would not vote the party line ever again.

The image that still resonates with me to this was the downed rescue chopper in the desert earlier that year. The failed attempt reach the hostages at the American Embassy in Iran. Carter seemed so week and listless when asked about it at the time. I know he felt the blame and respected him for that on a personal level (that same muddled thinking is why I voted for him in the first place) but  his was not the kind of leadership that America needed in the dangerous world we lived in then.  Not much has changed since then except we have another Carter but one who makes excuses and does *not* take any blame for his actions whatsoever.

Mr. Romney strikes me as that sort of person – one who will take the blame for the mistakes but have a plan B (or plan C or plan D if needed) to insure the mission’s success.

No ‘ifs’ ‘ands’ or ‘buts’.

Just do it.

Then and only then is there is NO blame to be cast.


Below is the portion I decided would probably be best in a diary knowing I can get quite wordy when something is gnawing at me but threadjacking is something that I detest as well.


Many in my family are military members and I knew after listening to then-Governor Regan in the debates who I would vote for that November. It was so that if my brother or cousins who were active duty at the time were to be sent on such a mission, they would have someone in the Oval Office as Commander in Chief who took that responsibility seriously and would do whatever necessary to get them all back home.

I recall the ‘talking heads’ (yes,showing my age using that term † for the MSM ) had very little to say about that inconvenient little detail that the Algiers Accord that gained the hostages safe return was signed – literally minutes – before Mr. Regan was sworn in as President. So President Regan was given credit for their release. How so, some youngsters will ask? It was as if our enemies knew that he would use whatever means necessary so that ‘encouraged’ them to the bargaining table to work out the details (see my point about plans B, C and D above). One does not have to be in a position of power to speak truth to power (yes, I’m re-appropriating that little turn of the phrase back to the conservative position where it belongs in the first place!) and the American people took soon-to-be-President Regan at his word when he said (in a stump speech or the debate?) that bringing the hostages home would one of the very first acts of his presidency.

In looking through this wonderful way-back machine that is the internet, I felt a huge flood of memories from the powerful emotions of the days that surrounded the election campaign that year. I had moved to Alabama the previous year to reconnect with my father after 16 years being the ‘red-headed stepchild’ of my Mom’s boyfriend. (another diary post for another day…)

My family and many of the people I worked with in ‘Bama were and are right leaning for the most part but the southern Dixiecrat sentiment still holds power in many of the most rural areas. They know that the nation’s poor need a safety net but have “little hankering to support lazy worthless layabouts” (love the southern language).

The mood over Iranians or anything that was related to the middle-east and it’s culture was as fierce as anything I’d seen in my 21 years and to give a sense of the atmosphere, think of all those who said without reservation after 9-11 ‘to make all of the middle east a large piece of glass with a nuke or two’. I know that I’d heard that sentiment more than once during the hostage crisis. Even so, I recoiled inside at the thought of mutually assured destruction but I withheld commenting as I knew that suggesting what my then pacifist nature suggested was the best response would lead to an argument. Or worse as I’d seen several fights in the local clubs and experienced a severe beating at the hands of  a few guys in a club who said I ‘looked Iranian” to them so I knew better than to speak my mind for fear of my personal safety.††

The one thing that the pages I’ve read in the last hour or two of study of the history of that era was that my feelings at the time – despite what the talking heads MSM were spouting  – were not only on target, but were quite in tune with what President Regan’s administration has set out to accomplish. And did accomplish, though many try to downplay how badly all of this could have turned out or say that his election win had little to do with their release.

The other thing I noticed is that the BSMedia outlet’s supposed ‘fact checkers’ need to fire a checker or two and hire a proofreader. The CBS online story titled “Regan’s Lucky Day” about the Iranian hostages and Mr. Regan’s place in it was posted on February 11, 2009 yet the very first line of the story reads: “On Inauguration Day 20 years ago, the first movie actor to become president shared the billing with the release of the American hostages held in Iran.” No issue with the statement as such as I said, the talking heads were always using thinly veiled commentary like this.

But the DATE??? How can this  site be trusted for facts when they cannot even get something as simple as the dates in the article correct.

CBS Fact checker; please note: the border of your computer screen will provide the basis of fact for the correct date.

You’re welcome!


Note that this was a re-release of an old story according to the URL. Now why in the world would they want to republish a 10 year old story.

The last paragraph says it all (quoted it here so you don’t have to dirty yourselves in all the muck and slime): “A postscript: another Democrat who lost his job that fall was the young, energetic governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. Just two years later, he’d win back that job. And a decade after that, the man from Hope would move his party to the center where Mr. Carter left it and retake the White House for the Democrats for the first time since the man from Plains.”

Further, thinking back to almost 4 years ago, what had just taken place?

Yes, you are correct! “The One they were all waiting for” was inaugurated to the office of President of the United States.

I looked at the reference links on Wikipedia Iranian Hostage Crisis page for additional (and hopefully less biased) stories to delve into and – bless their little hearts – they could not bring themselves to acknowledge the facts of the situation, just like mainstream media news outlets do today. Still need to go back and look at the ‘Talk’ tab for this page – that will be a real leftist love fest!

In all seriousness, how can we hope to get the message out the the vast unwashed as the left and the media call them, you probably call them neighbor or co-worker and maybe even friend. And even those who get their news from American Idol or worse?

Try this: share a plain-spoken truth about conservative values to just one person each day and why their vote is critical in this election. It may mean that you’ll have to memorize certain aspects/concepts to be able to retell it straight without adding or embellishment. They will either thank you or tell you to go away. Either way is a win. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years is that folks who are negative in nature are not those I wish to associate with on a regular basis. Those who are willing to listen and openly weight the facts and truth when presented in a compelling way are people who I can trust to share the truths that they’ve learned as well.  To practice what I’ve preached, I would like to share one simple truth with you. Given the current spin and ‘fact checkers’, what better quote to remember than this one!

President Regan asked “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” in his closing arguments during the only debate of the 1980 election campaign, but the press’ narrative always cuts it off before it gets past that opening line. The remaining portion of the remark deserves to be repeated often and loudly for it sums up not only his incredible personal style and ability to connect but also lays out in very clear terms what we have to explain to our neighbors and friends in the next few weeks. It is also the reason I do not vote straight ticket, for I am a Conservative and these words are imprinted in my soul.

“Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? Is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Do you feel that our security is as safe, that we’re as strong as we were four years ago? And if you answer all of those questions ‘yes’, why then, I think your choice is very obvious as to whom you will vote for. If you don’t agree, if you don’t think that this course that we’ve been on for the last four years is what you would like to see us follow for the next four, then I could suggest another choice that you have.”



The term “talking Heads” was soon afterwards  appropriated by the musicians in the band of the same name. I feel sad today that such a useful and colorful phrase had became essentially meaningless in describing the hypocrisy and half-truths being spoon-fed to the American public by the big three TV news outlets. Don’t know if that attempt to redirect the word to a point of meaningless was intentional but the fact  is that it remains meaningless in today’s world of a 24/7 news cycle!

†† If ever there was an appropriate acronym  – Mutually Assured Destruction. It’s almost as good as CREEP for the Committee to Re-Elect the President. and yes, I’d hit on the one guy’s girlfriend and probably deserved to be smacked upside the head, but three against one and not knowing she was taken from her attitude and response! I realized as I climbed out from beneath the truck I sought refuge under that this  fellow and his buddies didn’t believe in the “Gimme Three Steps’ attitude when they circled me in the parking lot. The guys I’d gone to the club with were nowhere to be seen so I guess this “Damn Yankee” looked a bit Iranian to them, too. No broken bones but I do still have a small 2″ scar along the side of my nose. I think that my face got in the way of a boot intended for my jaw.

†† along with the Gospel of Jesus as found in the New Testament.


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