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    Oil Industry Completes Undersea Containment System; What Does Bromwich Say Now?

    After the Deepwater Horizon explosion and the resulting oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, one demand the Obama administration through its Interior Department made of the oil industry as a condition of re-starting deepwater drilling was that a system be constructed which would completely contain a blown-out deepwater well in a worst-case scenario. The industry – specifically ExxonMobil, Chevron Corp., ConocoPhillips and Royal Dutch | Read More »

    Better Leadership Than Obama? For Jindal And Louisiana, A Mixed Bag At Best

    More and more, the guy who is coming out of this oil spill looking like a hero is Gov. Bobby Jindal. That’s a good thing, and a bad thing. It’s good, because unlike his predecessor, who almost literally couldn’t show less leadership than she did following Hurricane Katrina and who let the entire response and recovery from the storm and the flood devolve into a | Read More »

    Obama’s “Partial” Approval Of Sand-Dredge Plan Is More Like “Miniscule” Approval

    Get ready to be infuriated, because the Coast Guard and the Corps of Engineers have now put out their response to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s plan to use dredges to build barrier islands as a defense against the Gulf oil spill invading the state’s marshlands. It’s pathetic. Just pathetic.

    Feds Hammer BP, Jindal Hammers Feds At Presser

    Check out the disconnect here. First, from today’s press conference we have this report from CBS News on the statements of Janet Napolitano, Dick Durbin and Ken Salazar: Cabinet officials, Senators and a Governor presented a conga line of condemnation against British Petroleum today, while also bolstering the government’s attempts to show that it was doing all it could to keep the oil company’s feet | Read More »

    Gulf Spill Taking On More Katrina Parallels For Obama

    The slow response from the Corps Of Engineers on Gov. Bobby Jindal’s plan to dredge sand and fill in Louisiana’s barrier islands as a method of keeping oil from the Deepwater Horizon/Macondo spill out of its coastal marshlands is rapidly becoming a major scandal. Jindal originally proposed the $350 million project last week, with the concept that should oil reach the state’s coastal marshlands the | Read More »

    “Drill Baby Drill” Still Isn’t Political Suicide For The GOP

    Did you notice this yesterday? It’s a Rasmussen poll about offshore drilling. One concern we have heard time and time again since this oil spill started about a month ago from folks in the oil business and connected industries is abject terror that The Left will use the Macondo blowout and spill as a lever from which to shut down offshore drilling. The rather classless | Read More »

    The French Quarter Attack WAS Political…

    …you have to more or less suspend disbelief not to recognize that. But based on various agendas, it seems like that’s what’s going on. Beyond the reactions of left-wing journals, when those sources have reacted to this story at all, we notice that Allahpundit at and Michelle Malkin have both gone out of their way to disparage the idea that the attack had to | Read More »

    The Brennan’s Beatdown: A State Of Affairs

    This story is being continuously updated here, including video linking an ominous protest at Brennan’s Restaurant to a marxist-anarchist commune with a record of criminal behavior. It was a beautiful Friday night in downtown New Orleans, the kind of warm, inviting spring evening the locals typically describe in answer to tourist complaints about the oppressive heat and humidity of a South Louisiana summer. And as | Read More »

    Barton: Cap-And-Trade Wouldn’t Pass The House Today

    Cross-posted at In a 30-minute small press gathering at the Baton Rouge office of U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana), House Energy and Commerce Committee ranking Republican Joe Barton (R-Texas) echoed sentiments expressed commonly by conservatives in Obama’s America – the nation is threatened by runaway deficit spending, bad legislation is causing immense problems in the economy and an abrupt shift to the right is | Read More »

    Potential Implications Of Obamacare’s Passage

    At the Hayride, Ryan Booth is doing a terrific job of chronicling developments with respect to the vote count on Obamacare, and our readers interested in the ongoing developments are strongly encouraged to re-visit his post on the subject often. It’s Ryan’s opinion that Obamacare is going to fail, by however small a margin. I’m not convinced either way. I think at some point the | Read More »

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