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    The Democrat Governors Association’s new executive director has some splainin to do

    When you live in a one-party state you get sort of numb to all sorts of shenanigans. Earlier in the year my RedMaryland colleague, Mark Newgent, exposed the efforts by the minions of our governor to bury a really bad employment report. They stonewalled him. But they misunderestimated his doggedness. Promoted from the diaries by streiff. Remember that pessimistic July employment report on the Maryland Department | Read More »

    Shorter MD Dems:If you’re against our politics you’re against the troops

    Yet another example that the well-heeled fat cats funding the Maryland Democratic Party are spending their money on folks not even the Creigh Deeds campaign would hire. MDDem Executive Director, Travis Tazelaar he of the Democrats MACO Ocean City bacchanal fame—you remember when Democrat muckety mucks thought the looming budget crisis was an excuse to party down the ocean—posted a piece to his the Online | Read More »

    Sarah Palin’s Lump of Coale

    One interesting and important fact not mentioned so far about Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Brian Murphy in the Maryland GOP gubernatorial primary: Top Palin advisor John Coale and his strong ties to Martin O’Malley and the Maryland Democratic Party. Coale, is the husband of Fox New’s host Greta Van Susteren, a trial lawyer, who struck it rich on the 1997 settlement with Big Tobacco, and | Read More »

    Virginia Legal Troubles for MD Congressional Candidate

    Previously, Red Maryland revealed that Maryland first district congressional candidate Rob Fisher has stronger ties to Virginia than Maryland.  Today we show that Fisher has a history of running afoul of the laws of the commonwealth. Red Maryland has obtained documents that show: In December 2000, Fisher was arrested for driving while intoxicated and refusing a breathalyzer test. In May of 2003 Fisher received a | Read More »

    Who is Rob Fisher?

    Red Maryland has obtained documents, which show cyber security executive, Rob Fisher, who is challenging GOP favorite Andy Harris in the Republican primary for Maryland’s first district congressional seat, has stronger ties to the Commonwealth of Virginia than Maryland. According to the Maryland State Board of Elections Fisher registered to vote in Maryland in 1996 but has not voted in a single election in Maryland | Read More »

    Waxman, Cap and Trade: Bring It On

    John Dingell is is out and Henry Waxman is in as chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Global warming alarmists across the country are salivating now that one of their own heads a key congressional committee, which will likely pass the Obama administration’s cap and trade legislation to the full house. Given the large Democratic majority in the house, Obama’s enthusiasm for the | Read More »

    Olbermann more like McCarthy than Murrow:

    I wrote from behind enemy lines in the (once) Free State A snippet: Anyone who watches Countdown with Keith Olbermann, (those who don’t end up throwing a brick at the television anyway) knows that the execrable Olbermann fancies himself a contemporary Edward R. Murrow. Olbermann uses the legendary newsman’s signature signoff—goodnight and good luck and excoriates the Joe McCarthys of our time, with his | Read More »