Show Your Support for Palin

    Sometimes it’s fun to poke a stick in the eye of the Media and the rest of the Left.  What better way than with cold hard cash?  It’s the cheapest smile you’ll get all day. Here’s a link to Sarah’s PAC: After all of the crap she put up with, I think she earned a buck or two from us.  And if she manages | Read More »

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    Latest Gallup Poll — The Pragmatisits View

    Ok, so I wake up this morning and see this: Now, it’s going to be a long 40-something days until the election and things can turn on a time, without a doubt. Conceding now is absurd to say the least. The debates are still in front of us, and Obama will undoubtedly prove himself to be the Empty Suit he is. But the question in | Read More »

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