Divided We Fall, and Fail

    In the footnotes of history, we can find parallels to many of our contemporary challenges. Like a roadmap, they are there to see- if one wishes. Willful ignorance or perhaps deceitful argumentative citing is the product of either an uninformed mind or blatant dishonesty. Irrespective of that motive or tact, it usually leads to irreconcilable philosophical challenges and what would otherwise be fairly predictable ends. | Read More »

    GOP Debate; Stay Angry, My Friends

    Here is my brief debate rundown, replete with comments from a personal focus group that watched it with me. No beer bottles or wines glasses hit the flat screen. That’s a good thing. Last State of the Union speech? Story for another day   Ron Paul – Cuckoo, cuckoo. Why is he still on the stage? His supporters freep every poll and bring their own | Read More »

    Please Put My Dog on the Ballot

    It is axiomatic to say that candidates will be “vetted” in a primary. But someone will have to explain to me how using demagoguery, half-truths employed to disguise ones own tom-foolery and adaptation of our Democrat opponents other methods (which revolve around using blatant mendacity), help that process? That’s not vetting. It is self-destruction. Let’s face it; Bachmann has no accomplishments to suggest she has | Read More »

    Things I Will Never Forget

    I wrote this blog a few years ago thinking it would one of the best ways to recall and portray the events that I lived through on September 11th 2001. It was meant to be a timeless piece that would outlive memory- which is all too often fleeting. The title, “Things I Will Never Forget”, was perhaps half hope, half a declarative statement to my | Read More »

    They “Lead the Way”. Now YOU Can with Your Contribution

    Let me start with the obvious. There are always a significant amount of good causes to which you can contribute your hard earned money. That is especially true when it comes to our military. If you haven’t contributed to groups such as Soldiers Angels or The Wounded Warrior Project I would ask you to put that on your “to-do” list. But today I come to | Read More »

    Our Country Weeps

    One can never divine a man’s motives. Even if he reveals them unto you- are they reliable and truthful? That is a judgment call based on character. Taking this question further, if Jared Loughner was to reveal his motives- would you believe him? If your response is negative, then why would you believe the media or some internet denizen with political motive?  Furthermore, why would | Read More »

    Democrats Whine They Can’t Have Unlimited Cheese

    I have a message for Democrats and will commence my delivery by metaphorically employing a line straight out of their Hollywood contingent; “The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end“. Call it karma, the diabolical workings of democracy or the ghost of Article 1 (yes, that dusty old document); I really don’t care. But the schadenfreude is becoming increasingly more enjoyable as | Read More »

    Democrats to Women Voters: “Quick, Kill Your Fetuses, While You Still Can.”

    With the voter tsunami in sight, Democrats are starting to prematurely flail and flop around like fish out of water. They squeal like the Robot from Lost in Space, loudly warning young Will Robinson the coming tidal wave is filled with racist, anti-democratic, tea-bagging crazies’ intent on stealing your “rights”. In one positive sign, it appears Democrats are done making fallacious appeals to men. Apparently | Read More »

    Will You Remember?

    Will you remember how you feel today, 8 months from now? That seems to be a significant amount of time to test one’s memory or understand the perdurability of specific emotions. Certainly, an almost reflexive response is to say, yes, I will definitely recall how angry, sad, helpless or uneasy I feel- irrespective of the amount of time that passes. But, is that firmly based | Read More »

    Obama Pummels the Economy with Assist from McCain

    As Mr. Obama announced his new “bogeyman” to “turn public attention away from what they’re doing wrong in the administration” he sunk one of the few healthy sectors left in our economy, financial services. Over the past two days, the Dow Industrials took a loss of about 335 points, largely from the banking sector. Clearly, Mr. Obama is seeking to use populist rhetoric as a | Read More »