Anatomy of the GOP Failure; John McCain.

    Let’s dispense up front with the potential platitudes, supportive arguments and sundry “feel-good” comments. John McCain is an honorable man who admirably served our country and should be lauded for that valiant societal contribution. From my perspective that is an unquestionable accoutrement to the larger debate about Mr. McCain’s contribution to our party. With respect to the latter issue, Mr. McCain is an abysmal failure | Read More »

    Barack Obama, The Pied Piper of Change

    From the onset of his candidacy, Mr. Obama has tried to build his cult of personality with several core groups. Amongst these are young people, especially students who remain some of his most fervent supporters. This group is a natural fit for an agenda such as Mr. Obama’s. They are malleable; take quickly to pleasing platitudes, are easily beguiled by modern invention and less apt | Read More »

    The Approaching Republican Fiasco

    First, several simple facts need to be established since some in our contemporary political debate are forgetful of the road we have traveled. Republicans reached their neoteric apex under President Ronald Reagan then surged with a Congress led by Newt Gingrich and others pushing “The Contract with America“. Keep this in mind, for therein lies cogitative substance. Without going into further explication, these were the | Read More »

    The Passionless Matching Game, Obama Version.

    See if you can match this, with this. Next, see if you can draw the logical conclusion. So, if you follow the dialectic, next we will see a resignation. Right? To answer your next question, yes, the political part of our intelligence apparatus is in disarray. Shocking, I know. Mr. Obama’s management of the war in Afghanistan has left our troops without necessary support. The | Read More »

    Please Leave the Firearms at Home

    Let’s dispense of a few rhetorical attack angles right up front. I am a gun owner, supporter of the Second Amendment and NRA member. Living in New York, I am also jealous of the carry laws in places such as Arizona, Florida and New Hampshire. However, I will offer my differing opinion on the following; PHOENIX — About a dozen people carrying guns, including one | Read More »

    What other Democratic Processes will Obama’s Union Supporters Disrupt?

    In the battle of big government versus the people, it seems unions have aligned with big government. Since the tenor of our current government including the President is decidedly anti democratic, I suppose by extension that makes the unions also anti democratic. But I wouldn’t stop there. I would also say that contemporary unions are now anti American. So I suppose it’s us regular Americas | Read More »

    Turn Yourself In. Yes, You.

    You feel guilty, don’t you? As Seneca the Younger said “every guilty person is his own hangman”. So why waddle and suffer in all that guilt? Put an end to it all and relieve your guilty conscience. Repeat after me and confess the following; I like my healthcare and while it is not perfect, don’t want the government deciding my treatment I believe that government | Read More »

    Mr. President, It was Not a “Teachable Moment”. It was Instructive.

    I have always believed that when one gives a candid, extemporaneous answer it is generally the most truthful and reliable. That is why retorts in history similar to Mr. Obama’s remarks on the Gates Affair have seemingly eternal longevity and leave such deep impressions. It is also essentially why Mr. Obama wants to change the subject and not let us dwell on his remarks. Mr. | Read More »

    Further Proof the Democrat’s Carbon Tax is Self Defeating

    It has often been said that in America individual ingenuity is a cornerstone of our culture. That is perhaps one reason why conservatives are often perplexed by a liberal culture which worships at the altar of the state. Think about it. What problem has the government ever permanently solved for you? That’s what I thought. Now cogitate on a higher level. Think about a government | Read More »

    As the World Burns, Mr. Obama Dribbles

    During his campaign for President, Mr. Obama continuously alluded to the so-called “grave” post September 11th distractions and foreign policy missteps made by his predecessor. These statements would generally represent quotidian electoral protocol if he were running against an incumbent President seeking a second term. However, considering Mr. Bush’s lame duck status it was obvious Mr. Obama probably had another purpose in making such proclamations. | Read More »