Step 1 for a Republican Majority

    I’m in an optimistic mood today, so let’s begin by assuming that ObamaCare is dead, and that the Republicans manage to achieve a majority in the House (control of the Senate still seems unlikely, even to Optimistic Mario).  OK? The first thing that the new Republican Majority needs to do is to neuter future health care reform.  We know that the American people are against | Read More »

    AARP to Endorse ObamaCare?

    Some are reporting that the AARP is set to not just endorse ObamaCare, but the giant, radical House health care bill in particular.  Now we all know that the AARP can always be counted on to support anything that promises to ingratiate its members at the expense of the rest of the country, but why would they back something that would take hundreds of billions | Read More »

    Questions for the Public Plan

    Since it seems likely that the Democrat’s health nationalization plan will include the so-called “public option,” I wanted to put down a number of questions that need to be asked to determine if the public plan would be competing fairly with real insurance companies, or if it is, as it seems, a stealth attempt to slowly build a single-payer regime.  [I will probably miss some, | Read More »