Will MSNBC’s Chris Matthews be the Senate Dems’ 60th vote after 2010?

There are several schools of thought on Chris Matthews’s mind, and given what we’ve seen of this mind, it’s reasonable to conclude that these schools of thought are public schools of the worst quality. To match the man.

Chris Matthews’s brother Jim is boss of Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. (He was also on the Lynn Swann ticket a few years ago when Governor Rendell was reelected.) Jim proclaimed that his brother Chris loves it at MSNBC, loves his job duties, is negotiating a new contract, and thus would forgo a run for the 2010 Dem nomination to challenge Specter, Pat Toomey, or whoever wins the Republican nomination for the seat currently held by Specter.

However, Salena Zito spoke to Allegheny Count Dem chair Jim Burn who said that he spoke to Matthews and the host indicated that he’s still mulling his options. Then again, Matthews told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who does a morning show, that his job as a member of the media is to ensure that a President Obama is succefful in his endeavors. Could Matthews best do this as a little-watched lefty pundit or as the potential 60th Dem vote in the U.S. Senate?

Could Matthews, with the right handlers, beat Specter in Pennsylvania if he tried?

We will all be ready to steer our efforts and money wher they are needed in 2010.

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