If It Goosesteps Like a Duck …

    Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again. The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui Bertolt Brecht In the last couple of Trump news cycles (and, yes, they are all Trump news cycles) we have seen left-wing thugs disrupt Trump rallies, right-wing thugs retaliate and the | Read More »

    Trump and “Another Fall of Man”

    And thus thy fall hath left a kind of blot To mark the full-fraught man and best endued With some suspicion. I will weep for thee, For this revolt of thine methinks is like Another fall of man. Henry V, Act 2, Scene 2 Someone once observed that character is who you are when no one is looking. He might’ve added it’s also who you | Read More »

    Gay Marriage: The Left’s Pink Herring

    Gay Marriage: The Left's Pink Herring

    Let’s review: Domestically the federal government has accelerated its death march towards insolvency through profligate spending, uncontrolled borrowing and monetary digitization. Nobody … nobody can persuasively explain how the existing entitlement programs will be sustained two or three decades out. One such program, Obamacare, is only now emerging from its protective cocoon of delay and obfuscation to reveal itself more disastrous, by orders of magnitude, than even its worst | Read More »

    We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Civil Society

    So, some guy in Michigan cashes in his fifteen minutes and announces to the world via Facebook that his auto repair shop won’t serve openly gay people. In an earlier, less enlightened era, the world – or at least those members of it in immediate need of a new head gasket – would simply have read this, maybe thought nothing of it, maybe rolled their | Read More »

    Memo to Marie Harf: Sometimes “Stop It!” IS the Better Idea

    Bob Newhart used to do this skit where he played a psychiatrist who charged only five dollars (he didn’t make change) for a session, would listen at length to his patients’ problems and then offer exactly the same advice to all of them. “Stop it!” Among those who could enormously benefit from such advice is Marie Harf — State Department spokesperson and poster child for the | Read More »

    Slager Would Have Been Charged with the Walter Scott Shooting Anyway

    Discussions of horrible events in the immediate aftermath invariably engender scolding (typically but not exclusively) from the left that one ought not “politicize” a tragedy. That these opprobria occur well after politicization of their own is underway doesn’t seem to be any kind of logical or moral hurdle to overcome. Thus in the aftermath of Sandy Hook we get campaigns for gun bans and finger-wagging | Read More »

    ObamaHut — A Future History of Housing in America

    As the pace of fundamental transformation accelerates with every “let me be clear” from our philosopher king, any histories to be written of this period should probably be written now, while the lights are still on and the power button on your computer isn’t just a cruel joke. This “quick before it freezes” philosophy extends especially to things that haven’t happened yet, since by the | Read More »

    Stop the Penance — How Republicans Should Grow a Pair and Answer “the Cruz Question”

    Rick Santorum is only the latest Republican finger-wagger to be hauled in front of the Sunday talk shows to offer sage after-the-fact counsel on Ted Cruz’ misdeeds and pronounce solemnly on the incalculable damage done to the GOP cause. Given the fact that the Republican party currently resembles not only a nest of vipers but a completely aimless, leaderless nest of vipers, it’s anyone’s guess | Read More »

    Occupiers: When University Makes You a Moron, Demand a Refund

    Much has been written about the various “occupy” movements that have been sweeping the country, a lot of it unfairly focused on students defecating on cars, flags and a variety of other inanimate objects — when not copulating in plain view following more or less the same guidelines. The naysayers and fault-finders have also pointed out the anti-Semitic rants, the “F*** the Troops!” signs, the | Read More »

    SherwinWilliamsGate: What Did Perry Know About the Painted Rock and When Did He Know It?

    All the Governor’s Rocks (Excerpt) “Governor, they found the rock.” Of all the calls Perry never wanted to get at 3:00 AM, this had to be the worst. Better to learn that Austin had been reduced to a glowing slag-heap than to receive “the painted rock call”. Groggy but still canny enough to realize the phone might be tapped, he played dumb while he collected | Read More »