Running For President? Some Things To Keep In Mind.

    NOTE I’ve written and posted this before. But since then, I’ve made a number of additions and edits. Dan McLaughlin wrote something along these lines exactly one year ago. You should definitely read it. Somewhere between 93% to 98% of the people who would be covering the race on behalf of the nation’s largest national and regional news media outlets will be supporting your Democrat | Read More »

    Things to keep in mind when running for President as a Republican (UPDATED)

    NOTE: I started writing this in May. Dan wrote something along these lines in August. Read it. He put it down much better than I ever could. Things to keep in mind when running for President as a Republican. Somewhere between 93% to 98% of the people who would be covering the race on behalf of the nation’s largest national and regional news media outlets | Read More »

    Greg Walden (Wuss-OR)

    On Sunday, while being interviewed by Democratic operative Candy Crowley on CNN’s State of the Union, Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) – Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was happy enough to enlighten us of his belief – no doubt shared by his fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill, that a “significant extent” of the Republican party base is “animated by racism.” Of course, he made | Read More »

    Why Democrats Really Oppose Voter ID …

    The Left’s arguments against voter ID are fundamentally dishonest, and at their core, intensely racist. At the core of it, the risible implicit argument the NAACP and every single liberal is presenting here – and they are largely getting away with it – is that it is unreasonable to expect an African American, simply by virtue of the color of his or her skin, to | Read More »

    Another Reason Mitt Romney Lost: He Had A Full Blown Idiot (Stuart Stevens) Running His Campaign.

    Sometime before Election Day, before the debates, people already knew Stuart Stevens and his team were in over their heads. From the utter fiasco of Romney’s convention speech, which he stripped down to a thin gruel of bland forgettable pablum (and of course, stripped of any mention of America’s servicemen and women abroad), throwing aside Bush’s micro-targetting programmed wholesale, allowing his Hollywood aspirations to make | Read More »

    It’s January 26th, 2013 – And I’m The New Chairman of the Republican National Committee (I)

    Let’s imagine we’re in some alternate universe, and everything else was the same (including regrettably, the results of Election Day 2012), except that, for some alternate universe reason, a majority of the members of the Republican National Committee in Charlotte, North Carolina, on the 25th of January 2013 decided to elect some guy named Martin Knight (yours truly) to be the Party’s new Chairman. The | Read More »

    Why Republicans Lose: Example 1,256,361

    Michelle Rhee has an article up on the Huffington Post – the key part is this; Most people in this country do not favor vouchers in education, because they don’t want public dollars going to private institutions or businesses. But the logic holds absolutely no water. We have federal Pell grants that low-income students use all the time to attend private colleges. Pell grants aren’t | Read More »

    Two Mistakes The Romney Campaign Made.

    I understand everyone is upset about last night, and therefore I understand the lashing out. However, we need to keep things in perspective and not throw blame willy-nilly simply to vent our frustrations. Personally, I believe Romney ran a credible race. But his Campaign made two major mistakes – one in the last week, and one from the very beginning of his campaign. In the | Read More »

    Romney Can Wrap This Race Up Right Now … And Most Importantly, Help People In Need.

    Remember all the chortling and eye-rolling at Romney on MSNBC for collecting food, clothing and other stuff in Ohio for victims of Sandy? Andrea Mitchell, Martin Bashir and their guests were all agog at Romney’s classlessness for not restricting himself to just blood and money for the Red Cross. Apparently, the only aid agency in America is the American Red Cross. Well, as it turns | Read More »

    The Debates: The Obama Campaign Has Already Been Given The Questions … And Other Things Romney Should Keep In Mind

    1. The Debate Moderators are going to do all they feasibly can to help President Obama. The Debate on Wednesday October 3rd is not going to be Mitt Romney versus Barack Obama, but really Mitt Romney versus Barack Obama and Jim Lehrer. The Vice-Presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden on October 11th is going to be Paul Ryan versus Joe Biden and Martha | Read More »

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