#CharacterMatters: Draft of Petition to Deny Trump The Nomination at the Convention

    I brought up this idea yesterday here, and this is my attempt to get the ball rolling. I’ll be happy if y’all will take a look and make suggestions on how to shorten it, or write up a pithier and more impactful version. The aim is to have as many people as possible, especially registered Republicans to print, sign, get others to sign and forward | Read More »

    #CharacterMatters: A Petition Drive To Deny Trump The Nomination – No Matter What.

    Anyone with any small amount of common sense – which neatly excludes Trump supporters – knows that having Donald Trump at the top of the ticket means wholesale carnage in downballot races across the country as millions of previously disengaged voters would go to the polls to make sure his little fingers never get close to the nuclear launch codes. This means a President Hillary | Read More »

    Trump Voters Should Be Disrespected. They Deserve It.

    We have heard the refrain numerous times from Trump supporting idiots (pardon the redundancy); if he gets to the convention with the highest number of delegates, he should be given the nomination … or we would be disrespecting the decision of the voters. My response is two-fold. First, the delegates have no obligation to vote for Trump – on the contrary, as representatives, their first | Read More »

    TO: Jay Cost – YouTubify your Storify

    Dear Jay, Leon brought your excellent Twitter rant on Storify to our attention here at RedState. And as often happens, he is absolutely right – it is an absolute must read. Here’s the problem; a miniscule number of people are going to see it, when it needs to be seen by far more people. Which is why I am hoping you would consider putting it | Read More »

    Dear Senator Cruz: It’s Time To Put On The Brass Knuckles

    A few days ago, you had what has been termed a “throw down” with the once Conservative but now Trump fanboy Sean Hannity on his radio show. As usual, one can’t fault your performance on a forensic battle ground; you more than held your own – you got some good shots in at Donald Trump, and you were relentlessly on message all through, all while | Read More »

    A Letter to Trump Supporters

    Dear Trump Supporter, If you think your support for Donald Trump is “wiping the slate clean” or “punishing the establishment” and you think it is worth losing not just the Presidency, but the hard won majorities in the House, Senate, State Legislatures and Governors’ offices that we would certainly lose with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, then you are beyond stupid. Make | Read More »

    Trump Will Drop Out By Mid-October And Endorse Hillary Clinton

    Does anyone think his ego will allow him to be cast as a loser?

    Read More »

    John Kasich is running for Vice-President of the United States.

    He knows it. We know it. We know that he knows it. He knows that we know that he knows it. He is not a stupid man. Not only is he not stupid, he is a CPA so he knows how to crunch the numbers without any help. He’s also been in politics for decades. He knows that he has no chance of winning the | Read More »

    Dear Sen. Cruz: Campaign for The Black Vote

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record; Ted Cruz needs to aim some of his advertising budget at the black community. His laying of responsibility for the state of Detroit at the foot of Left-Wing Democrats’ 50 years of dominance of the city’s political leadership is an excellent start. Ads carefully connecting the dots between the 50 years of black people’s absolute loyalty | Read More »

    Issue Tailor Made For Ted Cruz: Clay Higgins vs ACLU

    While I concede that there is some level of expertise needed to handle the logistics and finances of a campaign, sometimes I wonder just exactly what it is that makes someone an expert in campaign politics, enough so that he or she gets hired by candidates for millions of dollars. By this I’m talking about the supposed expertise in reading the target electorate, isolating and | Read More »

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