Seriously … what is so difficult about this?

    I don’t get it. Is there some sort of GOP bylaw that says that Republicans should at all times avoid as much as possible having to make a case for their own policies or arguing back against disingenuous talking heads? I saw this with George W. Bush, I’ve seen this with Republicans in Congress and I’m seeing it now with Republicans in Indiana – this | Read More »

    If Obama’s Executive Order Breaches The Constitution, Why Can’t Boehner And McConnell Ask ICE & The Border Patrol To Disobey It?

    Boehner and McConnell may not have the authority to directly order the ICE and Border Patrol to do anything. But they can appeal to ICE and Border Patrol agents to disobey Obama’s Executive Order and follow the law as written. Somebody needs to forcefully remind ICE and Border Patrol agents that they serve the United States of America, not President Obama (or any other President), | Read More »

    The Most Satisfying Results of 2014 – UPDATED

    The following were, to me, by far the most … satisfying results of Election 2014. There’s one more … but it hasn’t been called yet and I’ll add it when that happens. See update*. *AK – Senate The satisfaction I feel at the return of this seat to the Republican column (confirmed today) doesn’t have much to do with any feelings I have toward Dan | Read More »

    50 Years of Failure: The Nation-Wide Political Ad Elbert Guillory Should Do Next

    Below is a script for an ad that I believe can go nationwide, directly aimed at the African American (and every other) community. The cast should be African American adults from all walks of life, of all ages, including politicians, e.g. Mia Love, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) 81%, Elbert Guillory, Artur Davis, etc. It may be longer than 30 or 60 seconds | Read More »

    How to Return Fire on Abortion

    H/T: NRO Recently, Sen. Mark “Uterus” Udall (D – CO) faced off against Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) 67% at a debate hosted by the Denver Post. As expected, abortion quickly came up as a topic and quite unusually it was a question that potentially put the Democrat on the spot – i.e. given what we now know about the stages of fetal | Read More »

    Running For President? Some Things To Keep In Mind.

    NOTE I’ve written and posted this before. But since then, I’ve made a number of additions and edits. Dan McLaughlin wrote something along these lines exactly one year ago. You should definitely read it. Somewhere between 93% to 98% of the people who would be covering the race on behalf of the nation’s largest national and regional news media outlets will be supporting your Democrat | Read More »

    Things to keep in mind when running for President as a Republican (UPDATED)

    NOTE: I started writing this in May. Dan wrote something along these lines in August. Read it. He put it down much better than I ever could. Things to keep in mind when running for President as a Republican. Somewhere between 93% to 98% of the people who would be covering the race on behalf of the nation’s largest national and regional news media outlets | Read More »

    Greg Walden (Wuss-OR)

    On Sunday, while being interviewed by Democratic operative Candy Crowley on CNN’s State of the Union, Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) – Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was happy enough to enlighten us of his belief – no doubt shared by his fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill, that a “significant extent” of the Republican party base is “animated by racism.” Of course, he made | Read More »

    Why Democrats Really Oppose Voter ID …

    The Left’s arguments against voter ID are fundamentally dishonest, and at their core, intensely racist. At the core of it, the risible implicit argument the NAACP and every single liberal is presenting here – and they are largely getting away with it – is that it is unreasonable to expect an African American, simply by virtue of the color of his or her skin, to | Read More »

    Another Reason Mitt Romney Lost: He Had A Full Blown Idiot (Stuart Stevens) Running His Campaign.

    Sometime before Election Day, before the debates, people already knew Stuart Stevens and his team were in over their heads. From the utter fiasco of Romney’s convention speech, which he stripped down to a thin gruel of bland forgettable pablum (and of course, stripped of any mention of America’s servicemen and women abroad), throwing aside Bush’s micro-targetting programmed wholesale, allowing his Hollywood aspirations to make | Read More »

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