Trump Will Drop Out By Mid-October And Endorse Hillary Clinton

    Does anyone think his ego will allow him to be cast as a loser?

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    John Kasich is running for Vice-President of the United States.

    He knows it. We know it. We know that he knows it. He knows that we know that he knows it. He is not a stupid man. Not only is he not stupid, he is a CPA so he knows how to crunch the numbers without any help. He’s also been in politics for decades. He knows that he has no chance of winning the | Read More »

    Dear Sen. Cruz: Campaign for The Black Vote

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record; Ted Cruz needs to aim some of his advertising budget at the black community. His laying of responsibility for the state of Detroit at the foot of Left-Wing Democrats’ 50 years of dominance of the city’s political leadership is an excellent start. Ads carefully connecting the dots between the 50 years of black people’s absolute loyalty | Read More »

    Issue Tailor Made For Ted Cruz: Clay Higgins vs ACLU

    While I concede that there is some level of expertise needed to handle the logistics and finances of a campaign, sometimes I wonder just exactly what it is that makes someone an expert in campaign politics, enough so that he or she gets hired by candidates for millions of dollars. By this I’m talking about the supposed expertise in reading the target electorate, isolating and | Read More »

    Republican Base Voters Want A Fighter: So Pick A Fight

    Donald Trump’s appeal is built around his persona as a fighter – right or wrong; he doesn’t back down, he doesn’t apologize, he doesn’t cave, and when you hit him – he hits back. For many rank-and-file Republicans, this is as refreshing as a tall frosted glass of ice cold water after miles of traipsing through unforgiving desert. From eight frustrating years of watching George | Read More »

    The Black Vote: Key To Winning the GOP Nomination?

    Below is a script for an ad that I believe should go nationwide, directly aimed at the African American community. My dream would be Ted Cruz seeing this and stunning the political world by turning his aim away from his primary opponents and making such a strong play for the Democratic Party’s most loyal voting bloc. The idea behind it is simple – instead of | Read More »

    Ben Carson VS The Press

    I will straight up confess that Ben Carson is not at the top of my list for the Republican nomination. My number one preference this cycle was Rick Perry (with as Vice President), followed by Scott Walker – (ED: Man, I do know how to pick ’em, right?) Since they both crashed and burned, I find myself divided; my head is with – but my | Read More »

    How Rick Perry Can Get Back In The Race …

    1Rick Perry continues to make the mistake of focusing far more attention on destroying Donald Trump than building up his own prospects. As the saying goes, mudwrestling with a pig only results in both of you getting dirty, and the pig likes it. Trump is thriving on the Outraged(!)™ media attention, and he has the advantage of the fact that there is no depth of | Read More »

    On Rick Perry, the Consultant Class, the Press Corps and Getting To The Big Boy Debates

    Given my freely shared, admittedly unsympathetic, opinion of Rick Perry’s 2012 outing, RedState veterans may be surprised to find that he is still my first choice for the 2016 nomination. Actually, he was my preferred choice – far ahead of Mitt Romney, who was my second choice – for 2012; I was one of thousands punching the air in joy when he announced in August | Read More »

    Seriously … what is so difficult about this?

    I don’t get it. Is there some sort of GOP bylaw that says that Republicans should at all times avoid as much as possible having to make a case for their own policies or arguing back against disingenuous talking heads? I saw this with George W. Bush, I’ve seen this with Republicans in Congress and I’m seeing it now with Republicans in Indiana – this | Read More »

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