The GOP & the Mainstream Media: It’s Time To Declare War

    The continued fecklessness of the GOP leadership and brain trust in continuing to treat blatantly partisan actors and the news outlets they operate as if they’re the disinterested, non-partisan, dispassionate, objective disseminators of news and fact that they so laughably claim to be has to end. The flagship news outlet of the American media is the New York Times. This is the same New York | Read More »

    Let’s Start Working Toward A Brokered Convention: Bob McDonnell For President.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, unless you’ve been living under a particularly dense rock, it’s obvious we’ve got ourselves a serious problem. I’m not going to say that no one of the three men in the running for the Republican Presidential nomination can beat Barack Obama, but at this point, it’s obvious that whoever we pick, whether it be Romney, Santorum or Gingrich, none of them will | Read More »

    Milton Friedman And The Case For Mitt Romney …

    Milton Friedman in a nutshell elegantly explains why I believe that Mitt Romney is going to end up pleasantly surprising Conservatives if he’s elected President. Unlike Jonah Goldberg, I don’t believe he’ll be a Conservative out of gratitude, i.e. because he’ll “owe” us – it will be because he’ll have no choice. Keeping the GOP’s conservative rank-and-file happy would not be just be a matter | Read More »

    John Hoeven for President 2012 …

    If a brokered convention is our only hope … then we need to; Get united around someone. Convince him (or her) to throw his hat in. Help him  win some of the Primaries he can still qualify for … … and hopefully he would have gathered the support he’ll need to make him a viable choice for the nomination by the time we get to | Read More »

    Rick Perry for President: A Post-Mortem

    Why is Rick Perry out of the race for the Republican nomination for President of the United States? Because the man and his Campaign messed up. Bad. He had the opportunity to introduce himself to the nation that any candidate would give his right arm for and he flubbed it. It was like watching a slow-motion trainwreck. Worse is that it was not the media’s | Read More »

    It’s 2016, and President Willard Mitt Romney …

    I’m curious. There’s a lot of people who are absolutely discombobulated at the thought of Mitt Romney winning the nomination (as it looks like he’s going to do). Some are distressed at the thought because they’re positively convinced that Romney simply cannot win against Obama, and others are even more distraught because they are convinced that he could actually win and end up being inaugurated | Read More »

    TO: Gov. John Kasich & The Ohio Republican Party – WATCH THIS.

    The Baroness Margaret Thatcher had a saying; “First you win the argument, then you win the vote.” This is how you win the argument.   Let me spell it out; get a bunch of your statisticians and Think Tank (e.g. The Buckeye Institute) folks, have them sit down with a bunch of Adobe Flash animators (heck, hire the same folks the MacIver Institute and AFP | Read More »

    Rick Perry: Some Debate Advice …

    Rick Perry needs to figure out that his problem is not Mitt Romney. If all he’s going to do from now at the debates is attack one particular individual (and that individual is not Obama but a fellow Republican), then it’s all smooth-sailing to also-ran status no matter how many excellent plans he rolls out or how often he makes his fan swoon by raining | Read More »

    Rick Perry: The Problem …

    Not even Rick Perry’s most passionate supporters can deny that his performance in the last three debates were anything but triumphs – and even if they refuse to admit it, the entire world is seeing it in the polls. The fact of the matter is that he got progressively worse during each debate and from one debate to the next. Frankly, he needs to get | Read More »

    Why Rick Perry should be our guy for 2012.

    This is not to say that none of the folks currently running have no chance of winning; if you run a good enough campaign – if your campaign is flexible, aggressive, focused, disciplined, anyone can win. One of the many lessons I’ve learned from the fiasco of 2008 is that the a priori declaration that Candidate X and only Candidate X can win an election | Read More »

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