I believe it is OK to vote for Travis Childers

    This is not an emotional post said in the heat of battle.  I’ve been active in the Republican Party of Virginia since 2006 and I’ve been apart of pretty gritty battles between the establishment and conservatives.  I’ve won and I’ve lost and I’ve always voted Republican.  I’ve voted for Tom Davis for Congress as equally as I did Ken Cuccinelli for governor.  I’ve been called | Read More »

    The Other Reason Eric Cantor Lost

    Hello Red State community!  I used to be a member here a few years ago and have been running my own blog in Virginia since 2006.  I eventually left Red state as my life got more complicated with marriage and kids so this slowed down some.  Anyways, Eric Cantor’s defeat has finally given me cause to rejoin to share with you a smaller, yet I | Read More »