Matthew Hurtt is a young Republican fundraiser and consultant. He has worked on campaigns in Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Virginia. He is passionate about education reform and youth involvement in politics.


    Undoing the ‘Ginsberg’ rules at the Spring RNC meeting

    There was plenty of coverage of the rules changes during the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa (where I was an at-large delegate from Virginia). Erick Erickson blogged about it. The Blaze picked it up. Daily Beast, too. NBC. HuffPo. Long story short: The Romney campaign, through D.C. attorney Ben Ginsberg (and then-surrogate John Sununu), strong-armed the Rules Committee into changing a number of rules | Read More »

    DailyKos digs up Reagan for #WIRecall, forgets FDR

    President Obama and the Left love to use Ronald Reagan to illustrate the rightward shift within the Republican Party since the Gipper left the White House or to advocate for some liberal policy by claiming, “Reagan agreed with us!” Recently, President Obama’s White House edited Reagan’s official White House biography to include a reference to Obama’s proposed “Buffett Rule.” Obama claimed at the Associated Press luncheon | Read More »

    DeMint endorses…

    In an email to supporters this morning, South Carolina Senator and conservative leader Jim DeMint opted not to endorse a particular candidate for President ahead of the South Carolina primary: The presidential primary in South Carolina has intensified and my name is being tossed around a lot. I have complimented several of our candidates when they spoke out on conservative issues, but the media has suggested that | Read More »

    Maryland Republicans Are Screwed

    I don’t know what to tell you, friends. The overwhelmingly liberal Old Line State is screwing Republicans with a proposed redistricting plan that would edge out one of Maryland’s Congressional Republicans, giving Democrats a 7-to-1 majority Congressional delegation. It was rumored for months, and it seems the rumors are true. The Washington Post reported on Saturday that Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (who is seen as a potential future | Read More »

    Why conservatives can’t compromise on the debt ceiling…

    This post originally appeared here. National Review columnist Mark Steyn makes an excellent point this morning: There is something surreal and unnerving about the so-called “debt ceiling” negotiations staggering on in Washington. In the real world, negotiations on an increase in one’s debt limit are conducted between the borrower and the lender. Only in Washington is a debt increase negotiated between two groups of borrowers. Actually, | Read More »

    Pharmacy Prof. Uses Campus Email to Lobby for Big Labor

    This post originally appeared on, a project of Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute. Professors at the University of Cincinnati James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy are using their school-issued email addresses to lobby students to sign a petition in favor of repealing Senate Bill 5, which was passed this year to curb collective bargaining efforts by Ohio public employees. If the petition garners enough signatures, SB5 | Read More »

    The Good, the Bad, and the Perfect.

    This post first appeared at I discussed last week the maxim: All gains are incremental; some increments aren’t gains. This is just one of the more than 40 “Laws of the Public Policy Process” developed by Morton Blackwell, founder and President of the Leadership Institute. A movement conservative, Blackwell has trained over 100,000 conservative activists since he first got involved in politics in the ’60s. Aside | Read More »

    Don’t Eat Racist Cake!

    This post originally appeared on The Leadership Institute’s and was written by Brittney Morrett. Is it ever ok to discriminate based on race or gender? The hosts of the Affirmative Action Bake Sale said no. But some members of The George Washington University (GWU) multicultural community said yes. On Monday, March 28, the GWU chapter of the Young America’s Foundation (GWYAF) and the GW College Republicans (GWCRS) | Read More »

    The Buckley Rule.

    This little gem also appears at Enjoy. I am under no impression this post will be comprehensive; however, the following is something I believe the Conservative movement should consider when playing in electoral politics. I have been reminded on a number of occasions that the only people who make policy in America today are those who are elected to office – be it local, state, | Read More »

    Tennessee one step closer to outlawing Income Tax

    The Tennessee State Senate today overwhelmingly supported a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw the state income tax. By a vote of 28 to 5, the Senate approved Senate Joint Resolution 18, which is sponsored by Senator Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown). The five Senators who opposed the measure were Doug Henry (D-Nashville), Ophelia Ford (D-Crazytown Memphis), Beverly Marrero (D-Memphis), Reginald Tate (D-Memphis), and Thelma Harper (D-Nashville). Democrat Senate Leader Jim Kyle (D-Memphis) voted for the measure. Click | Read More »