BHO Wins: Let’s play a game

Okay.  BHO wins. The cause of liberty for free men (and women) looks bleak. To pass the time lets map out some of the Lord of the Rings places and characters from the Tolkien saga to the current politic environment.

I’ll start:

Mordor = The Washington DC area
Bree = ?
Minas Tirith = ?
Battle of Osgiliath = The 2012 Election

Sauron = Barack Obama
Bilbo Baggins =  Mitt Romney
Saruman =  Chris Christy
Aragorn =
Boromir =
Frodo = To be named later
Gandalf =
Gimli =
Legolas = Marco Rubio
Meriadoc =
Pippin =
Sam =
Arwen =
Denethor =
Eowyn =
Eomer =
Faramir =
Grima =
Gollum = Bill Clinton
Theoden = John McCain
Elrond =

Jup right in…


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