I am a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Chinese and economics.


    Obama fails to respond- From American Exceptionalism, to American Acceptionalism

    Since when does the international legislative body in New York trump the authority of the one in Washington?

    …it seems as though “American Exceptionalism” is being replaced by “American Acceptionalism.” That is, the United States accepts the will of the international community and becomes just one country among the many.

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    Walker’s Budget repair bill fiscally responsible

    Walking down the streets of Tianjin, China, last summer, I couldn’t help but notice the working conditions of a construction crew wrapping up its shift. Besides the fact that the crew lacked what we would consider proper safety equipment, the workers’ tattered clothing and soot-covered faces showed they had been working all day through the brutal 90-degree heat.

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    Protesters don’t reflect sentiment of all students on campus

    Last Friday, leaflets encouraging students to walk out of class at 11:11 a.m. littered the campus. For the past week, UW students had been subject to cancelled classes, teaching assistants missing from office hours and megaphone-bearing organizers disrupting classes to encourage students to participate in the protests. One such organizer was walking through the halls of Van Vleck when a shout came from the library that spoke for the rest of us: “Shut up! I’m trying to study!”

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    The elections are just the starting point

    Today is not a day for Republicans to gloat, however. Our generation is now confronted with some of the toughest challenges it’s ever faced. Our economy is broken. We’ll be faced with an unwelcoming job market after graduation. Entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare are bankrupt. By the time we turn 47, Social Security will be unable to pay anyone. Our school systems are in desperate need of fixing. Our competition is no longer just sitting across the classroom but across the globe in countries like China and India.

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    President Obama has failed to deliver real change to America

    While President Obama’s campaign rally today will excite many, the millions of Americans without jobs will continue to wonder when their rally is coming. The hundreds of thousands of graduating seniors who so fervently supported Obama in 2008 are now staring at an economy that offers little opportunity for them. It’s time the President does more than address college students, but also address the issues and problems that face this country today.

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    Feingold will fail to bring Wisconsin forward

    The President touted the new plan in Milwaukee over the weekend saying that “Over the next six years, we are going to rebuild 150,000 miles of our roads—enough to circle the world six times.” What President Obama and Senator Feingold don’t understand however, is that right now America doesn’t need to spend $50 billion dollars to rebuild a road that circles the world six times, it needs an economic recovery. More importantly it needs jobs. As we learned through the first stimulus package, building projects like this can create some temporary employment at a high cost, but not neccesarily a permanent job.

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    Tea party opposition lacks ideas, creativity

    As their popularity with mainstream Americans has grown however, unfortunately so to have the smears from the left. Tea Party protesters are often referred to by the left as “Tea baggers.” While this disparaging term is meant to describe a sexual act and ultimately gets childish laughs from a few, it clearly demonstrates the lack of ideas and solutions the left has to offer. Tea Partiers are showing up to show their dissatisfaction with the way Washington is being run and with the size and power of federal government, and often times all that is heard from the other side are hateful vitriolic pejoratives which in no way contribute to a principled debate. Tea Partiers are regularly called by many on the left, including some in the media, terms which have no basis in fact nor can be substantiated with any proof as they focus on demographics and racial issues rather than the issues the Tea Party rallies bring up.

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    Modern sense of entitlement detrimental to society, governmental policy

    The same ideas apply to almost every other aspect of our society: We have to earn prosperity. Yet some in this country have a different take on prosperity. They believe prosperity comes through the federal government, not individual effort. They believe the collective “we” will provide for them no matter what they do. They feel affluence is their right, no matter how they obtain it.

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    Beware the darker side of health care

    This is a fundamental transformation of our society into a European style social democracy.

    This brings up a fundamental question however; if something is a right does that mean we should be mandated to partake in it? If a Republican supermajority were to declare that since the constitution states that we have the right to bear arms and owning a gun was essential for the greater good, that each citizen must purchase a gun and those who can’t afford one will be given one out of the pocket of someone else, many on this campus would be rightfully outraged. The same idea applies to health care. Although we are entitled to rights such as free speech and the right to vote, we are not mandated to exercise those rights. We can choose to speak our minds, or to remain silent. We can choose to vote, or sit at home on Election Day.

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