From Politico: Does the press vet candidates?

    Here, Politico asks if the press really vets candidates. Here’s the link. The answer, to me, is yes. Edwards WAS vetted. The new books and articles coming out make that

    Campaign Financing Law

    I’ve been thinking about the campaign finance ruling that came out. On the one hand, I agree with it in some ways, and in other ways I understand what was

    Good Morning Radio News

    I’ve heard a lot of people saying that this week might be hard to top, what with Scott Brown winning and Air America losing. But, I woke up this morning

    Two Quick Things: CNN and Why Does the Arena Allow Trolls?

    1. My response to the Susan Roesgen thing to CNN: Dear CNN, I recently was shown the Susan Roesgen clip. I want to know if it is the position of

    DHS Report, Analysis

    There are some problems with the facts in the Right Wing Extremism report. I want to highlight them. —- (1) “A recent example of the potential violence associated with a

    Clear Example of Bias

    Let’s take Politico; I normally don’t see it terribly slanted. Then, we get a story like this: “Ex-Jailbird Ney Gets Radio Show.” Read it over. I suppose Ney’s only at

    The United States Is Not At War With Islam

    When I heard this statement from President Obama, I thought: “Well, yes. I know that. You know that. Everyone I’ve talked to knows that. President Bush knew that.” So, what’s

    I Was At Bob McDonnel’s (VA) Governor Candidacy Announcement

    I was there today. And I was rather impressed, to be honest. Granted, the only reason I was there was because I stumbled across it in the Annandale fire house

    CT Working Families

    All this hullabalu about the failure of the AIG house protests had me thinking. Maybe CT Working Families’ problem is that they just were targeting the public’s rage at the

    Senator Jim Webb’s Response

    This is Senator Jim Webb’s Response to my request to not vote for the Economic Stimulus Bill: — Dear Mr. Sablan: Thank you for contacting my office regarding the ongoing