From campaigns, to the Texas Capitol, back to campaigns, then over to online/social media strategy. In other words... I just need some sleep.


    Award Winner: Most Offensive Political Mailer of 2012

    I’m just going to call it right now. No need wait for what Obama and Romney have in store for each other or any other candidate for that matter. When a mail piece this disgusting and offensive is mailed out, you just give it the recognition it deserves. Here’s the back story: Two years ago, conservative David Simpson challenged and beat liberal Republican State Representative | Read More »

    Texas History X

    Texans are facing certain death in bars, restaurants, homes, and even their work places. Now that I think of it, Texas school children are even exposed to this deadly habit. Yet, Texas legislators are displaying a lack of urgency to address this problem and enact a statewide ban. Now if your feeble little mind doesn’t know what I’m talking about, I will just go ahead | Read More »

    Tom Leppert signs on with ACORN

    Last week, Tom Leppert was caught attempting to court two ultra-liberal organizations: the SEIU and ACORN. In 2007, he sought the endorsements of these organizations while he was running for mayor of Dallas. This is very problematic because he is now running for the US Senate in the Republican Primary in Texas, and it would be an understatement to say that ACORN and Republican values | Read More »

    A gun a day keeps the campus shooter away

    The debate to allow concealed handgun license holders to carry on college campuses has been heating up this session. Sen. Wentworth and Rep. Driver have spear headed this issue and their bills are receiving an unprecedented amount of support.  House Bill 750 has racked up 80 co-authors and Senate Bill  354 has chalked up 13 co-authors. This still has not stopped the anti-gun crowd from using recycled tatics circa 1995 when then State Senator now Land Commissioner Jerry | Read More »

    The call signs for NPR and PBS should be changed to CUT

    I came across an interesting article by the Texas Independent that covers Rep. Kevin Brady’s (R-TX) bill that would cut government funds to NPR and PBS. But the reaction by Houston PBS’s manager is what really caught my eye. He said if this bill passes that “It would be disastrous for this country.” Wow, really? First, in order for this bill to be “disastrous for our | Read More »

    Thy Rainy Day Fund Commandments

    “I think, therefore I spend,” is the motto of most politicians and the ones in Texas aren’t any different. This why I have created 3 commandments legislators should not break when they consider using the Rainy Day Fund. Commandment #1 Thy Bond Rating Shall Not Fallith We need a healthy Rainy Day Fund  in order to stabilize and increase Texas’ bond rating. In 1987, Texas faced a worse fiscal | Read More »

    It’s raining harder for those that created the rainstorm

    Texas is facing a $15-$27 billion budget shortfall and programs that pull on your heart strings are being slashed at every turn. Schools, jobs, and children and elderly services are all in jeopardy. The initial reaction by many is to tap into the states $9.6 billion Rainy Day Fund to fill the gap. Because if it’s not “raining” now, then when is it? I think | Read More »