Ron Paul…

Is a complete moonbat and an embarrassment not just to the Republican Party, but to the whole nation. My opinion of him is pretty well documented back to the 2008 Primary so I’m not going to rehash it other than to say that my opinion of Dr. Paul has not improved one little bit. The guy is an ignorant fool on foreign policy and on economics and his rants about the Constitution are never better than marginal.

So, why am I writing a diary about Ron Paul. Well, thanks for asking. We’ve had a rash of idol worshipers through here in the past week or so. I thought the following was relevant to some of the discussions that went on with them. Ben Bernacke just testified before a House Committee that Ron Paul sits on. Rep. Paul got to question him. Here’s the most incredible five minutes and change you’ll likely watch in a while. Please stop whatever you are doing and play close attention starting at 1:50…

Now I usually try to keep my comments to mostly single syllable words when dealing with children and fools, so pay really close attention here. If you’ve gotten this far and you think Ron Paul is fit for anything but the production of Soylant Green, you are a raving idiot incapable of rational thought. Or you are a fellow traveler from the planet Ronulan. I would have suggested that you should be shot, but at the current price of ammunition I’m going to opt for starvation.

Note, I am putting The Franz Rule in effect for this diary.

If you are a Ron Paul supporter, please rejoin your merry little band and stop dirtying up our house.

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