Pull up Drudge

    And Behold all the class and dignity you have come to expect from Barry. Unreal!


    Individual Liberty

    Our Founding Fathers were intent on providing and protecting our “Individual Liberty”. For those of us who cherish our Individual Liberty, our Freedom and our Equality to Pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness … Exercise your liberty to protect your liberty and vote. Free Will = Individual Responsibility. Ronald Reagan once said: ” Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass | Read More »


    Don’t Spread On Me …

    * “Entitlements vs. Exceptionalism”* The United States of America is the greatest nation in the history of the world and that is simply a matter of “Historical Fact”. This Country declared and then fought for it’s independence from the “English Crown” basically to escape high taxation and too much government. Both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution essentially were written by a | Read More »

    We’re Angry

    I sense people in this country are beyond tired of this election and are beyond tired of the fear they feel from being told repeatedly that this election of Barak Hussein Obama through sheer lies and propaganda is inevitable. This election is not over.This election is not inevitable.You are not a Racist if you don’t vote for Obama. *Our Media over reports, distorts, under reports, | Read More »


    AP Poll

    AP Poll shows the race tied.Battleground Poll yesterday showed the race tied. This race is tied and don’t let anyone tell you different. Don’t worry.Don’t fret.Don’t give-up. Just Vote!

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    Go Bama Obama Yard Sign I swear this is absolutely true. I have had this confirmed by multiple Alabama residents. But, in certain parts of Alabama, the Obama campaign’s yard signs are in great demand. Is it because they are in support of the candidate? Nope. Apparently, some fans of the Crimson Tide are adding a “G” to the sign so they can make their | Read More »



    This election is not over despite media coverage and NYT type Polls. 10/21 Battleground = 48% Obama -to- 47% McCain. 10/21 Rassmusen = 50% Obama -to- 46% McCain By-the Way:Military Time Poll = 68% McCain -to- 23% Obama. Maintain the passion … Keep the Faith.


    New Tax Welfare

    Peter Ferrara has a must read published article on NRO today titled “New Tax Welfare”. The McCain campaign to date has failed in comparing tax plans. The Obama campaign has gotten away with the claim “Tax Cuts for 95% of all American Workers”. If this is not corrected Obama will win … if it is corrected McCain will win. 1) 44% of all American workers | Read More »

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    “Intellectual Dishonesty”

    Quotes from Saul Alinsky: ” Rules … What rules”?”Laws … What laws”?”In a war against social evils there are no rules of fair game”. Saul Alinsky was a Communist Community Organizer and a mentor to both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. Many people in our Country still point at their TV screens at night and say things like “I can’t believe this media bias”. Many | Read More »

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    “The Viscount Discount”

    The American Thinker has a published article today titled: “An Open Letter From the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley to Senator McCain About Climate Change and Policy”. This is brilliantly written and = both an educational beat down and at the same time a formal plea to McCain to get a clue regarding the myth and hoax called *”Man Made Global Climate Change” *andThe devastating global | Read More »