I am a 31 year old dual-service veteran (USAF/USN). I have worked as an electronics technician on multiple military platforms, Corporate America and (of course) in my basement where I refurbish old Radios. I am a 1st generation immigrant from Germany. I have been a US citizen since 1998. I grew up in a fiercely liberal, single-parent household in Vermont. After my military service (and some life experience) my perspective radically shifted from "New Age, granola munchin', everyone's a winner, if it feels good grow-it-sell-it-smoke-it, hippy" to "Rational Adult". I am currently employed as a factory service technician in Norcross, GA and I am getting my degree in Electronic Systems Technology from West Georgia Technical. I am newly married and live with my wife in Douglasville.


    On Gender identity….

    Perhaps the most exhausting argument I’ve ever had with a Liberal was on the topic of Gender Identity. I’m of the opinion that gender is determined by sex organs on

    On Medical Marijuana

    I was listening to Erick on the way home today and as usual, he began the show with his normal disclaimer:” I know I’m probably going to make some of you

    Formal Fallacies in Politics

    Here is this week’s formal fallacy in Politics. “NRA Sponsors NASCAR race.” The Quotes: Senator Chris Murphy (D – Connecticut) is quoted as stating that the NRA sponsored NASCAR race