I am a 31 year old dual-service veteran (USAF/USN). I have worked as an electronics technician on multiple military platforms, Corporate America and (of course) in my basement where I refurbish old Radios. I am a 1st generation immigrant from Germany. I have been a US citizen since 1998. I grew up in a fiercely liberal, single-parent household in Vermont. After my military service (and some life experience) my perspective radically shifted from "New Age, granola munchin', everyone's a winner, if it feels good grow-it-sell-it-smoke-it, hippy" to "Rational Adult". I am currently employed as a factory service technician in Norcross, GA and I am getting my degree in Electronic Systems Technology from West Georgia Technical. I am newly married and live with my wife in Douglasville.


    On Gender identity….

    Perhaps the most exhausting argument I’ve ever had with a Liberal was on the topic of Gender Identity. I’m of the opinion that gender is determined by sex organs on a macro scale or chromosomes on a micro scale. That train of thought essentially terminates thusly: 1.> If you have male genitalia, your gender is male. If you have female genitalia, your gender is female. | Read More »

    On Medical Marijuana

    I was listening to Erick on the way home today and as usual, he began the show with his normal disclaimer:” I know I’m probably going to make some of you angry….”. The topic being discussed was Medical Marijuana legalization in the state of Georgia. Now, I need to provide my own disclaimer. I almost always agree with Erick. We generally use different lines of reasoning, | Read More »

    Formal Fallacies in Politics

    Here is this week’s formal fallacy in Politics. “NRA Sponsors NASCAR race.” The Quotes: Senator Chris Murphy (D – Connecticut) is quoted as stating that the NRA sponsored NASCAR race is “inappropriate in the immediate wake of the Newtown massacre.” He continued to state that “the race not only brings national attention to an organization that has been the face of one side of this | Read More »