Chairman, Texas Young Republican Federation. President Emeritus, Dallas County Young Republicans.


    Republicans Got No Game!

    Now that a good week has passed since the election, and everyone has had time to think more about what went wrong, I’d like to chip in with some of my own observations.  In particular, I’d like to focus on the lack of a Republican ground game.  As Chair of the Texas Young Republicans, I organized multiple deployments to help a number of candidates this | Read More »

    Cleaning House: The Republican Primary is About Rino’s vs Conservatives

    There are two patterns in the polling of our primary candidates: Romney consistently holds 20% – 25% of the national polling, while the other candidates play musical chairs for the spotlight.  First, Bachmann’s campaign went from an anemic 5% early this summer to 15% in August.  Then her campaign cratered and Perry came on the scene with 30% of the polling, and was soon replaced | Read More »

    More Scandalous Details Emerge in Eddie Bernice Johnson’s Scholarship-gate

    Exhibiting a level of hubris only a 9-term corrupt politician could have, Eddie Bernice Johnson apparently directed the Congressional Black Caucus to make scholarship checks payable directly to her family, rather than to a university. Her opponent, Stephan Broden, released copies of the letters. Non-family scholarship recipients get the award made out to a university, so the student must actually enroll in classes in order | Read More »

    Help Broden for Congress raise money in just 5 seconds

    A coalition of over 60 conservative bloggers has been holding “10 buck Fridays,” where the candidate winning the most votes the week before will get about $10,000 in campaign contributions and will be blogged about by all 60 bloggers. Stephen Broden is on the list of people you can vote for. Stephen Broden needs your vote. Stephen Broden needs the votes of all of your | Read More »

    There Once Was a Man from Chicago

    There Once Was a Man From Chicago There once was a man From Chicago he had a plan For the masses he knew best From wallstreet, he took checks Everyone needs to contribute So he can redistribute! The top gets a bailout While the bottom gets a handout! Because it’s all aboard on the Obama bus And over the middle, we will rush And without | Read More »

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