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    President Obama ‘Humility is beneath him’

    In an interview on Uncommon Knowledge (5/12/2012), economist Thomas Sowell noted that Barack Obama “has a talent for saying things that make no sense sound plausible and even inspiring.” It

    The upside of shutdown

    What has the shutdown accomplished? Truth be told, we don’t know for sure. Was it worth doing? Absolutely. Consider the worst case scenario going forward; Republicans are forced into giving

    Monday morning quarterbacks

    The wisdom of the Cruz strategy is being widely criticized today (9/23). It is being measured against some theoretical ideal rather than the real world alternatives. We can only choose

    The Aftermath of Defund

    “These guys can’t count.” The defund effort was labeled as everything from straight up stupidity to a well-meaning but misguided effort to overturn the ACA. But Senator Cruz never suggested

    A look at John Hawkin’s “25 Most Influential People on the Right for 2013″

    The Right identified in the above column refers to the more conservative 1/2 of the general population, not to  a specific constituency within the Republican party. I wonder if he’s

    Clinton to carry the ball for Obamacare

    The Obama administration is protecting a small lead late in the game with the ball deep in their own territory. Some coaches would punt and gamble that the defense will

    Talking to the low information voter

    I always cringe when Republican spokespersons or strategists are paired with their Democratic counterparts for ‘discussions’ of the issues. The media rarely challenge the even the most questionable assertions made

    Republicans don’t know whether to **** or wind their watch

    Republicans have cited three reasons for not supporting the strategy outlined in Senator Lee’s letter; 1) the war is already over, Obama won and the ACA is the law of

    Affordable Care Act; a case study

    I just spent the afternoon conducting a personal case study on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. Being 63 years old, I need coverage to bridge the twenty months

    Obamacare predictions/ “The Secretary shall decide”

    There are some changes coming to Obamacare. We won’t hear much about them, but shortly after the midterm elections these three changes will take place. I guarantee it. The penalty