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    Obamacare predictions/ “The Secretary shall decide”

    There are some changes coming to Obamacare. We won’t hear much about them, but shortly after the midterm elections these three changes will take place. I guarantee it. The penalty for failing to obtain health insurance from the exchanges will be increased dramatically. There is evidence to support this is in Massachusetts where the penalties for non-compliance with the individual  mandate increased from $219 in | Read More »

    ‘Obamacare unravels’ What’s the Republican strategy?

    Republicans would seem to have the upper hand with regard to Obamacare. Almost everything they said during the debate has proved true. The Class Act provision was not viable and had to be stricken from the law.  Premiums did not go down as predicted, but in fact increased dramatically.  A few major insurers have indicated their intention to withdraw from the medical insurance market, notably | Read More »

    Coulter on Obamacare

    Ann Coulter noted today that any Republican effort to overturn Obamacare by legislative initiative by or means of a government shutdown would be futile. The president would veto any successful legislation and the Republicans would lose the politics if the government were to shut down.  Coulter said the first priority of Republicans is to win elections. She suggested that implementing Obamacare could fuel its own | Read More »

    Red State vs. Lesser

    In a recent diary, “A Gathering of Republicans,”  Tom Lesser highlighted several Republican positions that he believes marginalize and exclude potential converts to the Republican cause. Unfortunately, his characterizations were mostly inflammatory caricatures, borrowed directly from Democratic talking points. I can’t say whether Mr. Lesser honestly hoped to provoke a meaningful dialogue or if he simply wanted to antagonize the faithful. Red State, like many | Read More »

    Obamacare Arithmetic

    There are many reasons to defund Obamacare. The detail and minutiae are mind-numbing enough, but for the purpose of engaging your Senator or Representative, stick to the arithmetic. I was curious about the subsidies available to those enrolling in the Obamacare exchanges. The exchanges provide coverage options to those not currently covered by Medicare, Medicaid or employer-provided coverage. Medicare expenditures are, to some degree, offset | Read More »

    ‘Need’ defined

    The  ‘need’ word has infected political rhetoric. President Obama recently suggested that we should eliminate certain tax loopholes because some taxpayers are doing just fine and they don’t need tax relief, i.e. the money.  More troubling, he didn’t argue that the government had new and pressing obligations, requiring increased revenues, nor did he argue that the government’s need for the money was relatively greater than | Read More »

    Do Republicans want back in the game?

    Eric Hoffer observed in “The True Believer”  that for mass movements to succeed, it is more important to have a devil than a God. Democratic campaigns have taken that advice to heart. So, what is the message Democrats take to prospective voters? The message is this. The game is stacked against you. The society is hopelessly corrupt and you are powerless to achieve and provide | Read More »

    Messages and Messengers

    Many subscribers to Red State share a low regard for the biased MSM and lament the chronic ineptitude of Republican messengers. Comments often suggest that the media bias is so overwhelming that resisting it is pointless. But some recent diaries have struck a more positive note, focusing on honing the conservative message and delivering it persuasively. Conservatives were not always inept messengers. It may be | Read More »

    Conservatives at a Fork in the Road

    The Tea party at its inception was an eclectic mix of Tenth amendment Republicans, non-ideological, fiscally responsible Independents, isolationist Libertarians, Reagan Democrats and a smattering of those who routinely attach themselves to third party causes. Despite their divergent leanings, they united around key themes; government run amuck, fiscal sanity, entitlement reform). What happened to the Tea Party movement? The Democrats and their friends in the | Read More »

    Minimum wage nonsense

    President Obama has once again set out to impose social justice at the expense of the very people he seeks to help. He proposes an increase in the minimum wage from the current $7.25 to $9.00 per hour. Sounds reasonable enough. But how does increasing the minimum wage by 24 percent improve the job prospects for someone who is unable to find work at the | Read More »