Does Pelosi have Incandescent Bulbs in Her Bathroom?

    This US citizen really wants to know the answer to the above question. I just happen to be in first hand position to be able to report on the effects of this ban, as well provide links for further reading below.)Here’s my first impression of flourescent bulbs from personal experience. My wife and oldest daughter hate them. I hate them because I can’t find the | Read More »

    Why Palin? Energy-

    Reform of GOP in Alaska, check.Work with Oil Companies, check.No international experience, er building a multi Billion USD pipeline through Alaska and Canada. International experience and enhancing oil supplies to the USA, check. Where have Biden or Obama delivered on an anti inflationary policy regarding energy or food? Their big Corn allies, Daschle, Thune, et al. That would have been a good place for Obama | Read More »

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    Missing Link Discovered in Pakistan

    I’m a believer in the GW Bush doctrine, put a finger in the terrorists eyes by putting American Troops on so called Muslim lands and watch the roaches leave Pakistani tribal areas to try to pry that finger out of said eye. On a side note, do you think the Russians’ ever said, “Go ahead take Afghanistan”?The link to this cartoon sums up the first | Read More »

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