The GOP is heading towards a reaping of Biblical proportions

      Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. I believe by now we are unfortunately all too familiar with the GOP failure theatre.  Just recently on Hannity expressed this succinctly; “If you look at the left, if you look at Barack Obama, or Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi, they are committed to their liberal principles. They are committed to | Read More »

    The GOP would rather be “dying” than have an Outsider candidate win and hold them accountable

    The problem I see with the entire “GOP is dying” statement is that it is not exactly accurate.  As Erick said “The Republican Party is dying because the GOP in DC has gone corporate and K Street”. But, as Michael Needam CEO of Heritage Action for Ameriaca put it on Fox News Sunday yesterday “One of the greatest myths is that Washington  D.C. is broken; | Read More »

    Trump still leads; is a Trump/ Cruz ticket in the works?

    Trump, whatever you think about him, you have to give it to him that he is really good at making big deals.   Someone that is in deal making is always thinking about winning the deal; what do they need to do to win?  How can I structure the deal to beat the competition?  Business is very competitive, and it requires a certain mind set that is | Read More »