Liberals get a bitter taste of their own handiwork

We all know this has been a very bad week for the liberals, and the blame game is definitely under way.  I serioulsy doubt that they can step back and see that they are now experiencing the bitter taste of their own handiwork.

Obama was viewed through the liberal prisim of putting people into groups, a favorite tactic of theirs.   The color of his skin in this case  became a matter of importance over his actual abilities.  There can be no question that the “historic” nature of a black man being President was promoted, and the actual “content of his character” or leadership abilities took a distant back seat.  Of course the liberal media joined right in all of this, giving Obama a complete pass on any tough questions, and defending and hiding any possible potential shortcomings

Now, ironically right when they are about to achieve the holy grail of their socialistic quest-Healthcare, the grand prize of them all, the ring is snatched away just as they reach for it.  Had they put someone in the White House with actual experience and ability they very well could have passed Healthcare.  Had the media vetted him properly they would have had someone that could have delivered the goods for them.  So this week when they are all weepy and sad and depressed that Healthcare was within inches of their reach, they can ponder what might have happened had they picked the right man for job based on ability instead of color.  In very plain simple terms, they are now tasting the bitter pill that their own liberal ways has bestowed upon them.

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