We must have a goal for 2010 elections

From  my 30 years in business,  I have learned the absolute importance of setting goals.  If you do not set a goal, you do not put the proper mechanisms or plans in place to achieve those goals.  Without a solid goal, what you have is nothing more than a wish, and you will most likely fail. 
I’m concerned because although I see a great deal of momentum and enthusiasm I do not see goals for the elections is 2010.  I hear statements like we might win this many seats in the House or this many seats in the Senate, but I do not hear a goal.  I would like to suggest one.
What should our goal be?  Lets tie that goal to the popular statement “We want our country back.”  To accomplish that statement we would need to remove the power form the tyrannical left that now has it.  What this means is practical terms is that our goal needs to be that we win the necessary seats to override a Presidential veto, in other words a 2/3 majority. Once that point is understood, that we can wrestle power away from Obama, the country will unite behind it.  That is our goal, and with that goal we will regain control,  but we need to set this goal in stone.  All of our efforts, planning, allocation of resources,  public support need to rally around this goal.  If the American people understand the stakes, understand the goal, we can begin to move mountains. Massachusetts had such a goal, and that was to send a message to Obama, and Scott Brown united the people behind that goal, and accomplished the seemingly impossible.   We must have a goal, or we will not be laser focused on any tangible endpoint, and we will greatly reduce our chances of success.   Think about it, isn’t this what the country really needs is the veto power over Obama?  Do we want to spend the next two years after the 2010 elections without it?  The American people can accoplish anything they set their minds to.  Every Democratic seat is in play right now, and with the Supreme Court ruling we have more options than ever before.  C’mon lets do it, we should aim for nothing less.   2/3 of a cup of Tea Lefites??
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