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    Dirty Little Secrets: Abortion And The Quiet Legacy Of Mental Illness

    I have come to the conclusion that all abortion, legal or illegal, is a back-alley business. Yesterday, I saw a liberal decrying regulations on abortion clinics. You know, outrageous things like medical care for the mother and cleanliness in the operating room. Today, research (a rigorous meta-analysis) confirms the self-evident: Women who have abortions have worse psychological outcomes than women who have their babies. LifeNews | Read More »

    Journolist: The Bias Continues

    I’m seeing so much biased bullcrap coming out of Politico these days, I thought it might be useful to revisit Journolist — the listserve of liberal journalists and leftist thinkers who work together to form a narrative and push it into the mainstream media. The ultimate goals: 1) Make conservatives look stupid and 2) help President Obama or the liberal du jour look fabulous. Read | Read More »

    Conservative Gut Check: Pushing For Principled Republicans

    Most of my conservative compatriots are hanging with conservative politicians in South Carolina right now. I have family commitments keeping me away from the shindig but my mind is in Charleston–for a few moments anyway. The conservative movement and the interrelated Tea Party Movement have been doing serious grunt work searching for, grooming, training and supporting mostly Republican candidates with strong economic and fiscally conservative | Read More »

    Presidential Primary Priorities — UPDATED

    The night of the New Hampshire debate after being harassed by my Twitter friends, I broke down my priorities for the GOP candidate. Surely, you’ve decided who you want already, people said. Well, not so much. So I explained my criteria for the Republican nominee and I offer it to you here, now, before this debate. 1. Anybody but Obama. I will support a roasted | Read More »

    Obama’s Problem According To Maureen Dowd: No Villains

    There’s been much ink spilled by leftists trying to explain President Obama’s failure as leader. Maureen Dowd concludes her latest attempt to explain Obama: But as Drew Westen, a liberal psychology professor at Emory University wrote in The Times on Sunday, puzzling about what has happened to his former hero’s passion, the president never identifies the villains who cause our epic problems. It’s unclear, Westen | Read More »

    Sarah Palin’s Campaign Innovation

    Yesterday on Greta’s show, Greta asked Karl Rove about Sarah Palin’s bus tour. He seemed sort of bemused. He listed the ways she wasn’t doing things normally: no big fundraisers and donor meetings, no focusing on New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, and using social media to message. Sarah Palin is breaking the mould. Will it work? Who knows? Here’s her video announcing her bus | Read More »

    Republican Base To GOP Beltway Folks: You Still Don’t Get It

    Deep in the numbers by Rasmussen today you’ll find this gem: Among all Likely U.S. Voters, 20% believe Republicans in Congress have done a good job representing the party’s values over the last several years, while 63% think they’ve lost touch with the party voter base. Democrats, meanwhile, feel their party is representing them. Being perceived as disconnected from their own party has been a | Read More »

    NY-26: Democrats Finally Succeeded Using The Tea Party Brand

    Jane Corwin, a good Republican candidate for the NY-26 district, might lose today because a former Democrat claimed the Tea Party mantle syphoning votes away. So. A solid Republican district gets lost to a Democrat due to shenanigans. It’s nowhere near done yet, so if you’re in that district in New York, please, go vote! Democrats have tried to co-opt the Tea Party name in | Read More »

    It’s Official: President Obama Is Jimmy Carter II

    Charges that President Obama was the taller, suaver, better-looking version of the bitter, shrunken commie-sympathizing Jimmy Carter seemed a bit of a stretch. President Obama’s Middle East speech changed all that. It’s official: President Obama is Jimmy Carter II. I live-tweeted the President’s speech and found myself irritated with the easy-to-misinterpret double speak. He’s like a guy who just doesn’t want to go home so | Read More »

    Aborting Imperfection

    Modern technology brings diagnoses earlier–even in the womb. In the U.S., that means that 90% of children with Down’s Syndrom are aborted thanks to amniocentesis. In this UK example, a child diagnosed via ultrasound with Spina Bifida was aborted [WARNING: this is very disturbing]. His mother’s experience is what follows: Yet if making that choice was hard, the physical ordeal was only just beginning. At | Read More »