Minnesota native living in Little Rock, AR. Social, fiscal conservative to the nth other words my mother taught me to think.


    Profit Does Not Matter I may not understand all the ins-and-outs of unions, but I do know they tend to hurt organizations.  They may have had a time in our history, and I do believe workers deserve certain rights and should be able to stand up for themselves when needed, but the cost of and corrupt nature that has become unions have made me an avid “union-hater”. The | Read More »

    Porn Industry Desperately Needs Bailout-UPDATE

    The text below is a diary I posted while the first bailout was being discussed.  At the time, I wrote this very obviously as a joke, I along with many others needed a laugh because the whole bailout business had my heart rate up, and my moral down.  Of course it was also meant to point out what all rational thinkers knew…if you start bailing people | Read More »

    Saving the Planet, One Tax at a Time (Reaction-No Consequence)

    Disclaimer…. I am about as Conservative as any 29 year old could hope to be.  By the grace of God I was born a Conservative, then by the grace of my wonderful mother, who taught me how to think I have managed to stay that way.  Even while my friends seem to be dropping like flies in to the fiery hell that is Liberalism. However, | Read More »

    And On Christmas

    Let me first open by saying a very Merry Christmas to all.  Merry Christmas in the federal holiday sense of the word.  Merry Christmas in my personal belief that “Christ the Savior is born”.  And finally, Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends, and to the Muslims Kul ‘am wa enta bi-khair!  Christmas as the federal holiday, started by Grant in 1870 is meant to be a time | Read More »

    Porn Industry Desperately Needs Bailout

    I have just been informed in an early breaking news story that the porn industry is in desperate need of a government bailout. This truly is a sad story, as the dilema remains; does the government throw millions of dollars with no restrictions or let all those hundreds of men and women who have given their life (and very important body parts) to the industry | Read More »

    The Palin Bashing Must Stop

    Much has been aired about Sara Palin. She is supposedly a diva, who shops too much, is not ready on time, does not take direction, and throws temper tantrums.

    The Need For Organization in ARand Beyond

    I live in the “red” state of Arkansas. We are a strong Christian, conservative bunch, who continuously elect folks like Vic Snyder to Congress. It never ceases to amaze me that a state where folks do not believe in abortion, do not believe in same-sex marriage, has only 13 “wet” counties out of 75, etc, etc, etc, cannot find one viable Republican opponent for Blanche | Read More »

    Red Ties v. Blue Ties

    Watching Fox News last night, I noticed something very interesting. Almost every male reporter/anchor wore a red tie. By almost, I can honestly say, every SINGLE one that I saw during election coverage, was in fact wearing a red tie.

    It Is A Proud Day

    While I wore all black today, representing the mourning of my great country. A country that has been the strongest, the best example, of what a capitalist free-market country can be, I mourn for the possible socialist policies ahead. Of most concern to me is socialized health care. This probably is closer to my heart than to some as my husband will be a doctor | Read More »

    Major Important Election Question

    I have noticed several states, where the race seems fairly close being “called” early in the evening. What bothers me is the percentage of precincts reporting.At 10:00p.m. central-Iowa is being called for Obama, less than 14% are reporting in that state.Minnesota is being called for Obama…25% of precincts are reporting and the spread is something like 52% 47% Obama. How can states with less than | Read More »