Will 2010 backlash cause 2012 arrogance?

    Ron Brownstein, on This Week with George Stephanopulous, reiterated his theory that limited government backlash in the 2010 elections could cause a misreading of young voter sentiment in the 2012 presidental election. The theory is that older, more conservative voters vote in mid-term elections, while younger, more diverse voters vote in presidential elections, so, if the limited government, conservative base voters find success in 2010, | Read More »

    Change we can believe in

    Obama came into office on a wave of hope and change. Liberalism/progressivism is characteristically associated with change, while conservativism is associated with blocking change, or slowing down change, or, more positively, promoting tradition, especially in the sense of traditions as they relate to the founding principles of liberty, free speech, limited government, individual rights, self-responsibility, etc. As Jan Narveson wrote about in his book, The Libertarian Idea, there | Read More »

    Hoffman — the unlikely hero

    In grand American fashion, an accountant who looks like Barney Fife’s second cousin goes against the Republican machine, not to destroy it, but to save it from itself. He simply states his principles and because he’s honest it comes across for those who can see and hear — for those who can’t, well, that’s too sad.

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    A fight to protect free enterprise Rahm Emanuel will now attempt to win over the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber doesn’t need to capitulate — the progressive agenda is anti-business and this is one area where cooperation is deadly. The Chamber is doing the right thing to resist the healthcare takeover and cap and trade legislation. This is representationally important, a symbol of the free market standing against an over-reaching government. How the | Read More »

    Don’t hook your wagon to a falling star

    Websites like The League of Ordinary Gentlemen are interesting if you want get an idea what young political thinkers are up to these days. Their claim is to create an eclectic mix of ideas, just working it all out, an anti-ideological group of political thinkers from conservative to libertarian to liberal. In reality it’s center, left of center, and left-left of center. Recently, their resident “libertarian”, Mark | Read More »

    The Healthcare War Against Rights

    When Hillary Clinton designed her Rube Goldberg healthcare plan the reaction was short and not so sweet — there was a resounding “WTF!” and it was over. Plus, when Hillarycare was designed, it was done in the cover of darkness so that the nation was spared the daily spectacle of cronyism, deal-making, incompetence, back-stabbiing, and the general inanity of the effort. With the present reform, and with | Read More »

    Renewed faith in the state — Zachery Christie captured!

    I sling a lot of criticism at the state — federal, state and local governments — but every once in a while, I’m reminded of the benefits we as citizens receive from the state in the form of protection against over-seas attacks, criminals in the streets, fraud, powerful organizations, terrorists, and…young psychopaths like Zachery Christie. Just look at him —   Looking into his eyes sends | Read More »

    Keeping our asses out of ditches

    The advice to not worry about how the mule got into the ditch, just get it out has always appeared pragmatic and straightforward advice, but if the mule continues to get in the ditch, over and over, you might want to find out why this is happening. Many times in emergency situations, there’s no time to figure out the whys, you just act with the | Read More »

    Free market solutions to healthcare

    The Democrats continue to frame opposition to their healthcare reform bill as a defense of the status quo, yet they ignore the free market solutions presented over and over. I haven’t heard any serious consideration given to opening up insurance sales across state lines, or a serious plan to implement tort reform, or loosening license laws so that PAs and RNs can deliver lower cost services, or | Read More »

    Just say no (to the state), then say yes (to the people)

    The American people who care about limited government and a free market can no longer avoid conviction — practice is over and the real game is beginning. Play-acting at responsibility and opposition to government over-reach has allowed political activists, who have conviction, to build a power-base, community by community, and create a situation where money and energy is being transferred from producers to consumers and dependents — wealth is being | Read More »