A Tennessee native and third-generation University of Tennessee Volunteer, MiamiDave moved to South Florida in 2009, and was proud to cast his first Sunshine State ballots for Rick Scott and Marco Rubio. He is an attorney. He moved to Texas in late 2012, so his name is a bit anachronistic.


     Yes, a Trump Presidency would indeed cripple conservatism

     Yes, a Trump Presidency would indeed cripple conservatism

    From the diaries… I have long held season tickets in the #NeverTrump grandstands, and in recent weeks I have been saddened to see our ranks thinning. Saddened, but not surprised; after all, the Party Elites (which have never liked conservatives anyway) are lining up behind his candidacy, and more and more prominent conservatives are cloaking themselves in permanent disgrace by kneeling before Zod. Apathy, unfortunately, | Read More »

    Sessions, Visas, and how Trump poisoned the well for future endorsements

    Last night, Trump might have inflicted a deeper wound to his chances at the Presidency than Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz could have ever done. By not-so-quietly back-stabbing a key endorser, Donald Trump assured that future endorsements will be few and far between; he will be seen—and rightly so—as a man who will toss aside his supporters without a second thought, and potential supporters will be | Read More »

    Trump is the GOP nominee the Progressive/P.C. Movement Is Dreaming Of

    There are lots of stupid reasons to support Donald Trump. Many of his supporters, for example, still parrot the ridiculous and thoroughly discredited position that Trump, a deal-making, liberal-leaning, glad-handing elitist who has the inside-the-Beltway clique now wholly in his corner, is somehow anti-Establishment. Many of his supporters claim that they flock to Donald Trump because “isn’t P.C.,” and “stands up to the P.C. culture.” | Read More »

    A Trump Victory Is A Victory for the GOP Establishment

    2016 was not supposed to look like this. After six years of laying a foundation for a true conservative resurgence, 2016 was supposed to be our year. This year, we said, young committed conservatives would showcase a vision for the United States that would stand in sharp contrast, not just to the Democrats, but to a tired GOP Establishment that had been rocked back on its heels over the last six years. | Read More »

    Why Ricky Gervais is Wrong About Prayer

    In the aftermath of the devastating tornadoes which ripped vast swathes of Oklahoma from the earth and left almost two-score dead, folks across the nation have responded both by opening their wallets, and by lifting their hearts in prayer. Yesterday, almost 75,000 people used hastagged #PrayForOklahoma. Some of them were celebrities, but most were ordinary people who felt compelled to reach out and express their | Read More »

    Democrat-style immigration reform? Not so fast!

    After Tuesday’s national debacle, there has been much discussion about the future of our Party. On the right, there has been hand-wringing at demographics that seem to be slipping away from us; on the left, there has been much gleeful giggling at our expense. Clearly, there is reason for us to be concerned. The percentage of white men as a portion of the electorate is | Read More »

    Cooperation or Capitulation? We Must Put The Speaker On Notice

    Cooperation or Capitulation? We Must Put The Speaker On Notice Some months ago, before I began to see the election through red-colored glasses and began to believe that a Romney-Ryan victory was possible, I looked with worry over the political landscape that would greet us in Obama’s second term. More to the point, I cautioned that we would need to watch our Speaker very carefully, | Read More »

    Ten (semi-serious) Silver Linings About The Election

    I spent most of last night about one step away from being curled up crying in the fetal position while sucking my thumb under a blanket. It was brutal, folks. But, the sun is out, and in the beautiful phrasing of Psalm 31:24, “be of good courage.” In the spirit of good courage, here are my Ten Silver Linings (some serious, some not so serious) | Read More »

    So Where Do We Go From Here?

    So Where Do We Go From Here? Part One (The Presidency) By now, the shock has worn off. The horror of it all is only beginning to sink in, but mostly, I stand astounded at what has happened. How could I have predicted the electorate so badly? Nate Silver knows the Electorate better than I do, and that sort of world isn’t the sort of | Read More »

    As we Battle for the White House, we should not ignore the Battle behind the Scenes.

    As this election enters the home stretch, and (rightly) is the center of our actions and our attentions, we cannot forget that behind the scenes, another battle is being fought. And, right now, we’re losing. Some weeks ago, I noted that the Leftists, and their allies in the media, were laying the foundation for a capitulation on taxes, on spending, and on the deficit in | Read More »