As we Battle for the White House, we should not ignore the Battle behind the Scenes.

As this election enters the home stretch, and (rightly) is the center of our actions and our attentions, we cannot forget that behind the scenes, another battle is being fought. And, right now, we’re losing.

Some weeks ago, I noted that the Leftists, and their allies in the media, were laying the foundation for a capitulation on taxes, on spending, and on the deficit in the case of an Obama victory in November. The surest way to prevent this is to work like all hell over the next few weeks, and ensure that Romney/Ryan carry the day and send this President back to Chicago.  But even as we work to ensure victory, we need to prepare for a quick and ready pivot in the case of defeat.

Prime Time Chuck Schumer is already claiming that some Republicans are prepared to waive the white flag on taxes and on government spending, and he is naming Jim DeMint as one of them.  Senator Schumer believes—and, if he is being honest (which isn’t too terribly likely—some GOP Senators believe it, too—that if Obama wins, the Tea Party will be so discredited that the Republicans in the Senate will be free to lay down and accept more spending, more taxes, and more government growth.

Schumer didn’t come up with this line, of course; as divergent figures as El Presidente himself, and Senate Minority Leader McConnell have long been claiming that if Obama wins a second term, there will be deal-making. And, as we’ve seen with the debt-ceiling deal and with the recent debacle over sequester, deal-making means surrender. Folks, we cannot afford surrender.

The media, as Mr. Erickson has noted in elegant and poignant phrasing, is wholly beclowning themselves in order to get the President re-elected. To put it less elegantly but no less truthfully, they are whoring themselves to the Democrat Party. But, if we cannot overcome them and win the White House, we should not accept a big-government ascendancy in the Senate, and a return to the days when the GOP rolled over every time the Democrat Party applied any sort of pressure.

As we approach these last few weeks before Election Day, we cannot lose site of the fact to many in our Senate caucus are wobbly, and we cannot forget to continue to apply pressure. Call and write to those “moderate” Senators, and make it clear that if they don’t stand up to President Obama no matter who wins in November, they’ll find themselves out of a job. Donate to  true Tea Party GOP’ers running for Senate, to ensure that the RINO element in the Senate is marginalized as much as is possible.

Cooperating with Obama, Reid and Pelosi is not healthy politically, and it isn’t healthy for the country. Our caucus appears to be surrendering before the fight has even began, and it is left to us to stop them.

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