At 44, I had a major stroke when a vein in my neck stopped working and all of the brain cells it fed died. It was 3 days before the doctors figured out it wasn't an ear infection and by then the damage was irreversable. This is why my web site is called Brain Dead Republican, just being self descriptive and not a dig at Republicans. My fine motor skills are gone, so I have a 100% typing error rate, please overlook my typos as I miss a lot of them ( one eye doesn't work so well anymore either ) when I try to proofread before I hit the post button.


    Dear Secretary Napolitano

    The letter sent to Secretary Napolitano by the seven members of congress was a start. But, like E Pluribus Unum, I do not think it was sufficient. Far to many Congressmen did not add their signatures to it. Instead, I have drafted a letter that the ‘rightwing terrorist’ as defined by the DHS report should send to Madam Secretary Napolitano. Dear Secretary Napolitano, Your recent | Read More »

    Protest Comparison

    I watched a few Tea Party protest videos. Something began to strike me as incongruous. It started to dawn on me. Where was the rude name calling? Where was the stone throwing? Where was the beating up of the police with sticks? What kind of protesters where these? Kindly old ladies, people in wheel chairs, toddler children held in the arms of parents. Crowds singing | Read More »

    Simply Outrageous

    It is an outrage. A complete OUTRAGE. A moderate Muslim woman is photographed without a head covering and proper covering of her arms and shoulders. By the police no less. Nour Hadid’s husband and the Muslim community are up in arms about the photo. It is an affront to Islam. They are indignent over this insult. Story here. Nour Hadid had a mug shot | Read More »

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    Dear Leader Obama bows to Saudi King Abdullah at G-20

    There is some controversy about an incident that occurred at the G-20 involving our Dear Leader and the Saudi King Abdullah. Apparently some folks claim that Our Dear Leader bowed to the King. This can not be true. The White House released a statement: “It wasn’t a bow. He grasped his hand with two hands, and he’s taller than King Abdullah,” said an Obama aide, | Read More »

    Science Advisor John Holdren admits Administration has no clue on Global Warming

    In an interview on April 8, 2009, John Holdren, Dear Leader’s Science Advisor states: “We don’t understand the system well enough to predict it’s responses in detail.” Now, I am somewhat confused. I have been brainwashed and brow beaten by Al Gore and his ‘consensus’ of experts to believe that they have this Global Climate System all down to a predictable science. They know EXACTLY | Read More »

    Left floats Obama Dictatorship possibility

    The prospect of Dear Leader ZerO becoming a dictator was made public by the left. On Monday March 30, 2009 Daily News Show with Jon Stewart, Jon Stewart was interviewing Jack Cafferty. Jon Stewart floated that since no one knew what to do about Americas troubles, that Dear Leader ZerO’s children should be put in charge of different government agencies and we should just go | Read More »

    Mandatory Child National Service for Dear Leader ZerO

    Dear Leader ZerO is continuing his ‘Central Cause’ to obtain a ‘mandatory volunteer’ organization comprising of your children. Originally in H.R. 1388 last week but striped out before the final vote, the commission to discover a way to require mandatory volunteer service of High School children has been returned in H.R. 1444. Rep. Jim McDermott (D) has introduced H.R. 1444 and it has been assigned | Read More »

    The Draft is BACK

    Dear Leader’s central cause for his agenda has passed the House of Representatives. His Civilian Service programs have moved forward in more feel good and misnamed legislation called Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act commonly referred to as the GIVE Act. The United States Senate version is called the Serve America Act. The House Bill is H.R. 1388, the Senate is S. 277. On March | Read More »

    The Nouveau Welfare Class

    So I was at the grocery store last Friday, the 13th of March 2009, buying my weekly groceries. Shopping went normally. Grapes where running $1.49 a pound, so I picked up a small bag to add to my bananas for fruit for the week. Near the checkout, the 12 or less line was empty, but I passed by it to go to the normal amount | Read More »

    Have you checked your credit card statement lately

    It is time to check you credit card statement. The charges for October’s donations to the Obama Presidential campaign you sent in should be showing up. The Obamazi’s have perpetrated multiple affront’s to the election process. All in accordance with Saul Alinsky’s methods of socialist takeover. This is the kind of educational concepts taught by The Annenberg Challenge run by Bill Ayers and funded by | Read More »