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    The GOP’s Data Search Looking In All The Wrong Places

    A quick Bing search of the phrase “Republican Party shoots self in foot” returns 11,500,000 results.  Granted the results are nearly the same for the Democratic Party, but nonetheless reinforces most conservatives’ and libertarians’ beliefs that if there is a way for the GOP to mess up things, it will inexorably find its way to that point. Politico and Breitbart are both reporting an internal | Read More »


    We Shouldn’t Ignore Congresswoman DeGette’s Comment That Cops Are Minutes Away

    Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-CO) is all over the news for some hysterically stupid remarks she made at a recent meeting of the Denver Post’s editorial board. But in the frenzy over her obviously ignorant remarks, we miss a point that needs to be emphasized about police response times. But first some background on the controversy she stirred up. Revealing Politics has an article in which | Read More »

    Government Bullying

    Government bullying is getting out of hand, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, personifies the worst of the bullies. If he were a public school student he’d be in detention. Perhaps he should join detention here in Denver with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Earlier this week he threatened banks in Chicago to quit doing business with gun dealers, manufacturers, part suppliers and others. Today he | Read More »