Take a Minute, Make a Call, MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    We can do this. It’s crunch time and you can help. Go to McCains website and make some phone calls1 It’s easy, it works, people listen, and it will help counter the incredible push by Obmam camp and ACORN. PLEASE GO HERE AND PLEASE MAKE SOME CALLS

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    Obama promises CHANGE (in your pocket)

    Average Joe doesn’t identify with having “wealth” to spread around. Maybe the counter message would be better understood by voters if it were explained as Obama/Pelosi/Reid “spreading your income around”. That’s Obama’s real message of change, after their income redistribution/taxation and big spending plans hit the economy you’re left with “change in your pocket”

    Am I missing something, or are the polls just wrong?

    On this “…spread the wealth around…” statement:I think the important nugget in this, essentially, socialist message should be revealed. It is an Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Franks/ big spending government plan that takes money from people who have earned it so it can redistribute it in the form of the big government social programs Democrats are so fond of (moreover, with no effective checks or balances). I think people | Read More »