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"They would rather the poor were poorer as long as the rich were less rich"- Margaret Thatcher British Conservative Party Prime Minister


    The Watercooler ~ Traditional Marriage Amendment vote won’t happen in Indiana

    HJR-3 the Constitutional Amendment that would define Marriage as between One Man and One Woman. It was amended by State Representative Truitt ( R-Lafayette) to take out the part of the Amendment that bans Civil Unions. Mostly Democrats and Rs already opposed to the Amendment supported it. The State Senate had an opportunity to reinsert the Language and declined to do so. The Amended Amendment | Read More »

    Pat Roberts, 2014’s Richard Lugar?

    Recently the New York Times reported on the Senior Senator of Kansas, Pat Roberts, who has been in Washington for 47 years in both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. The article in question alleged that Senator Roberts does not live in Kansas, the Senator released a statement that did not contend that point but mentioned how he had visited every county in | Read More »

    We have to do more then just “beat” Wendy Davis

    Bill S recently commented on a post Erick made, and his comment kind of gave me the inspiration to post this. Immediately after EE posted the piece about Wendy Davis and the restraining order, the usual handwringers, the same who continually bring up Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock  as a magic bullet against any suggested primary challenge,  AKA “the Usual Suspects”, | Read More »

    10th Amendment? What 10th Amendment?

    Remember all of those people who claimed the “libertarian” title which by extension meant they supported among other things Federalism and the 10th amendment. In fact that used to be a defining characteristic of the Libertarian wing of the GOP. These same people claimed that the DOMA ruling was a based on a strict reading of the 10th. These people spent all of 2012 and | Read More »

    The NRSC has lost it’s purpose

    What happened earlier this week is not the first time the NRSC has ruffled feathers nor will it be the last. The NRSC has lost it’s way. The purpose of the NRSC is to elect Republicans and attack Democrats. They like to wine about C4G and AFP and SCF not attacking Democrats enough, but the fact those organizations exist is due to the common belief | Read More »

    2X Update: VA State Senate Special Election: D6

    There is a Special Election Next Tuesday for VA Senate District 6. This is Ralph Northam’s seat which is being vacated by him so he can go occupy the Lt. Governor’s office. Now this is important because as of now Democrats will control the State Senate with Northam’s tiebreaking vote UNLESS Republicans take back the Senate outright ( which they haven’t had since before the | Read More »

    The Water Cooler~ SCF endorsed candidates

    Right now the SCF has endorsed several candidates for the U.S. Senate 1) Ben Sasse-Nebraska 2) Milton Wolf-Kansas 3) Matt Bevin-Kentucky 4) Chris McDaniel-Mississippi 5) Rob Maness-Louisiana   They are currently in the process of raising funds for each candidate and have a specific goal to reach before Midnight tonight. They are about 64k away from raising their 1 million pledge to Matt Bevin. | Read More »

    Federal Elections, 2014

    There is very little activity over in the Northern Plain States and because of how few Congressional members I figured I should lope both of them together. Despite both States having not voted for a Democrat nationally since 1964, both states have a tendency to choose Democrats to represent them in Congress. So we’ll have a brief ( relatively) history of federal office holders for | Read More »

    The Intolerable User Fees

    You know we are all getting worked up about the Ryan-Murray Budget deal that raises taxes or “user fees” if you prefer.  In case you haven’t heard both the Chairman of the House Budget Committee ( Paul Ryan) and the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee ( Dave Camp) consider the new tax increases in the Ryan-Murray Deal to be “increased User fees.” | Read More »

    Chris Christie would be a Terrible Nominee

    After Chris Christie’s massive victory in New Jersey earlier this November, many people have begun shilling for “Christie 2016″ some of these people are conservatives that I respect, who apparently think Christie is an improvement over Mitt. That or they truly believe only he can win, and that he will govern more conservatively as POTUS then he has as Governor. I personally believe that not | Read More »