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"They would rather the poor were poorer as long as the rich were less rich"- Margaret Thatcher British Conservative Party Prime Minister


    The Real Winners of the Elections

    A lot of people are hyping Christie’s win especially in the context of who might run in 2016. They’re also declaring the Tea Party dead ( like they did immediately upon it’s birth as streiff reported) due to Ken Cuccinelli’s loss. While there is plenty to learn from Christie’s win including minority outreach, some of Christie’s appeal is really only limited to Christie. What is more | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Virginia State Election Results. Update

    It is 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Polls have closed to my knowledge. These will be updated as the races are called. The comments section is the equivalent of an open thread. Governor’s Race. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli ( R) – Terry McAuliffe (D)- Robert Sarvis (L)- Lt. Governor’s Race Ralph Northam will be the next Lt. Governor E. W. Jackson (R)- State Senator Ralph | Read More »

    The 2013 Elections

    Let’s start with the easiest. New York City Former Deputy Mayor and Republican Joe Lhota is running for New York City mayor and is losing by a landslide by recent polls. Hopefully this will convince the Leftists to stay home and allow Republicans, Independents, and reasonable Democrats to get out their vote and be heard. Unfortunately it still may not be enough for Rudy’s heir | Read More »

    UPDATE: We will have another Shutdown

    Despite what my title might say,  we won’t have another shutdown before 2014. Instead should the GOP gain control of the Senate we will be forced into a shutdown by this President. It won’t be over Obamacare instead it will likely be your typical budget battle. Something more along the lines of what happened in 1995. It could be the Ryan Budget, it could be | Read More »

    Don’t Worry, the Left will save us.

    With the shutdown ending in what appears to be a GOP humiliation, the Left is once again behaving like they’ve conquered the World. This is okay, because Conservatives have never been angrier before. As Kurt Schlicter posted on twitter he’s “motivated for 2014″. What is more if you remember how the Left behaved immediately after the election of 2012, the Media went into full circle jerk mode. “The GOP needs to | Read More »

    The Water Cooler~ Delaying the Individual Mandate

    The Defund Effort did accomplish some things though not it’s primary goal of Defunding Obamacare. That is it made Delaying Obamacare a “compromise” something only this week Senate Majority Harry Reid opposed adamantly, and was willing to shutdown the government to do so. It also distracted Dems from the Details of the CR. Had this fight not taken place Mitch McConnell and John Boehner would | Read More »

    The Water Cooler ~ VA GOV Debates.

    I’m posting the live feed of the VA gubernatorial debates. as always the water cooler is an open thread Okay I tried to embed it but it isn’t working. this link is better

    The Water Cooler ~ #StandWithTed

    So Ted Cruz is having a “filibuster” / non-filibuster. He is currently talking on the floor, but due to a lack of votes cannot effectively stop the CR from continuing on to a vote, at which point Reid will amend it to include Obamacare funding. So far I’ve seen Pat Roberts ( R-Kansas), Jeff Sessions ( R-Alabama) Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Marco Rubio (R-Florida) on | Read More »

    Defunding Obamacare

    As many of you know The House of Representatives passed a Continuing Resolution that funded the government, with the exception of Obamacare. The fight now belongs in the Senate. If Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn can keep 41 Republicans together to filibuster the CR until Harry Reid promises not to try to amend the Bill then we could see and up and down vote on | Read More »

    The Water Cooler ~ Defund Obamacare, whether you wanted to or not.

    I’ve heard enough naysaying and backbiting going towards Jim DeMint, Heritage Action, Tea Party Patriot, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and several others. Marco Rubio strangely has so far escaped unscathed even though he was one of the first along with Cruz and Lee to jump on board the Defund it Bandwagon. Now is not the time to get cold feet. And if you’ve been naysaying | Read More »