The right perspective on technology

    We live in a day and age of rapidly changing communication and technology. The Internet has opened a giant window for people and organizations around the world to share thoughts, ideas, images and news with each other almost at the speed of light. The emergence of social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter have created cyberspace gathering places for those sharing common interests and goals | Read More »

    Where is the leadership on energy?

    We appreciate the RNC Chairman stopping by the front page. — Erick In recent days, there has been much talk (and justifiably so) of Barack Obama touting tire inflation as the solution to America’s energy woes.  Republicans, together with John McCain, have been arguing for some time that a truly comprehensive approach, including more off-shore exploration, more nuclear power, and enhanced reliance on alternative energies | Read More »

    20 Years of Rush

    RedState would like to welcome RNC Chairman Mike Duncan to our front page. — Erick I would like to congratulate Rush Limbaugh on 20 years of helping fuel the conservative dialogue in our country. His unapologetic conservative bent has inspired many listeners to embrace their own Republican ideals and he has opened up the conversation of what matters most to like-minded Americans. The contributions Rush | Read More »