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    Eliminating the Unfair White Tax Penalty

    Once Lady Justice has been allowed to see clearly (thank the Obama Administration for removing this handicap, which I guess then doubles as a victory for the ADA as well), we can finally start to fix some of these nagging injustices… Take for instance, the issue that black male school children are “disproportionately” punished in schools.  The Obama Administration has used its bully pulpit and the (implied?) | Read More »

    Goodbye and Good Riddance, Coward

    Praise God!  Today we finally ended one of the more sordid subplots to the “Obamination Administration”.   Eric Holder swore to uphold the constitution of the United States and was responsible for seeing that the laws of the United States were faithfully executed.  He did nothing of the sort.  The supreme law of Holder’s Department of Justice was Chicago-style politics and racial/political preference, not the Constitution | Read More »

    ATTN NSA, FBI, ET AL: List of Anarchists

    Starting with a few of my favorists: Barrack Hussein Obama Joseph Biden Ruth Bader Ginsberg Dianne Feinstein Barbara Boxer Harry Reid … Well, if Harry Reid and others can call Republicans “Anarchists” for exercising their Constitutional Duties (in this case, the “power of the purse”), then we might as well start calling out all the others who swore an oath to preserve and protect the | Read More »

    Revealed for First Time: Cutting Edge Research into Behavior of Establishment Republicans

    ABSTRACT: Establishment Republican behavior confounds American Conservatives.  Behavior has widely been observed to conflict with expected behavior for this American subspecies.  We isolate and reproduce the underlying behavior change in two alternate host species, confirming the hypothesis of genetic mutation. INTRODUCTION: The authors, in this peer-reviewed paper analyze the different characteristics of late 18th-century Americans and early the 21st-century “Establishment Republican” subspecies.  A document set spanning | Read More »

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    KISSER – Keep It Simple S. Establishment Republicans

    Expanded from a comment I wrote on another diary.  We are making this way too hard. “Message Helper” for Republicans – you must say both parts, and try not to quake in your barney pajamas while saying them: (1) Americans do not want ObamaCare – we will not fund it. (2) Americans do not want a shutdown – we will fund everything else.* This message | Read More »

    UPDATED: Acts of Valor

    UPDATE 9/27, 2013: Today I rekindled my RedState membership.  After the disappointment of the 2012 elections, I let my blogging and political social media go, and took a breather.  I have had to square myself with my belief that my God is in charge, and His plan is perfect.  Because it sure doesn’t look like it on the surface.  I could trust Him, or not. | Read More »

    President Obama’s Closing Beer Summit Schedule

    Source: WHITE HOUSE August 4, 2012 Given the President’s very busy golf / campaigning schedule this summer, the President has naturally de-emphasized the other priorities of the office.  Specifically here, the President wishes to acknowledge the many individuals and interests who have been “acting stupidly”.  The President apologizes for this oversight, and bows to those who have rightfully called him to task.  We have now filled the schedule for the | Read More »

    Mitt, I want my $100 back, and don’t ask for more – UPDATED

    UPDATE 7/4 0937 EDT:  Thanks friends for the well-deserved lash with the wet noodle.  You’re good comrades-at-arms – I let my guard down and whine, and you call me on it!  I’m over this and back into the battle.  While focusing on those below not doing their jobs, I forgot mine.  Mea culpa. Well, I don’t need to replay last Thursday’s disaster at the Supreme Court | Read More »

    Off to War Update: Is this Your Committee?

    It’s been a few months since I have been serving on my County Central Committee in California, and some time since my last update.  To quickly catch you up on my story – I got tired of watching my beloved United States turn into something very different than the founders intended.  I wrote letters.  I talked to people.  All my effort had exactly no effect.  | Read More »

    I Have a Heart

    I have a “Big-H” Heart, having as its foundation passions.  I’m drawn to certain things, find my brain going to them unbidden and/or relentlessly.  I have an affinity that doesn’t exist for other things.  When the passage of time is considered, some of these passions wax, some wane.  But it’s definitely not a zero-sum game by any means: there have been times in my life I have had almost no passion, | Read More »