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    Delegates – Oaths You Have Taken, Now Fulfill Them All!

    I know you want to do the right thing and stand up for your country, its freedoms and ideals.  The country that stands strong offering freedom and opportunity to ALL, not solely the rich or the poor.  Affirming personal responsibility and capability, not scarcity, dependency, and victimhood. May this diary help give you the courage to do what you must are we to survive the | Read More »

    Americans Have Only One Choice in the 2016 Presidential Primaries

    I’m an American.  Like many of you, I was born here.  Of those born here, I’m in the subset that is old / lucky enough to have gotten an education rather than lefty-indoctrination.  All the basics were covered including a positive view of American History and Civics.  I grew up proud to be an American, confident that we had the greatest nation on earth, and grateful | Read More »

    Stop Calling Yourselves American

    I looooove opera.  <heart!  heart!>  Except for the singing part, which I’d rather live without.  I’m especially fond of Sashimi.  Except for the raw fish.  That has.  To.  Go.  And I love rare stamps, specializing in the subspecies that I can get for the current “FOREVER” rate at good ol’ USPS. I grew up and will always be a cowboy, but I stay inside because I | Read More »

    Take PLAN “B”. Or take Trump/Hillary.

    Most of my fellow travelers here at RedState are individually and collectively aghast at the slow-motion train wreck that is the Donald  Trump candidacy.  Many words have been slung to attempt to avoid the looming disaster or to justify it.  But before we can avoid it, we need to understand it. This candidacy has legs for a reason, in a nutshell because there are so many | Read More »

    Trump: Here’s Why

    With lots of accusations of craziness flying around in the vicinity of both Trump’s supporters and his detractors, one of my favorite sayings comes to mind: “If you think that your enemy is crazy, you should pay close attention, because one of you is”. People seem bewildered that Trump, whose political track record is (charitably) inconsistent, can have a commanding lead among the Republican candidates | Read More »

    Driving Miss Hillary

    Seeing DrudgeReport’s link titled “WASH POST PAGE ONE FRIDAY: Hillary Refuses to Go Away” started me thinking – what keeps this woman keeping on?   1) Is Hillary driven to serve by the sheer weight of knowing that no subsequent public servant could possibly live up to the high bar that she has set in matters of competence? Benghazi scandal Emailgate  Military Hero(ine)ism HillaryCare   2) | Read More »

    Goals for Republican Insiders

    Like many of us here at RedState, I am a member of my local Republican Party (County Republican Central Committee in my case, referred to as RCC hereafter).  This move was prompted by our own ColdWarrior, powered by my love for America as found in the founding documents, and assisted by other RedStaters.  I have documented my process in my earliest diaries. The thesis statement for | Read More »

    If Democrats caved like Republicans

    Seeing Gov. Mike Pence folding up like a cheap suit on RFRA, I wonder what it is that so vastly differentiates testicular fortitude on the Left side of the aisle from the Right side.  Here I reimagine a few snippets of History, where we flip the spineless and courageous attributes of our Protagonists and Antagonists… Scene 1: : We have to pass it to find | Read More »

    Eliminating the Unfair White Tax Penalty

    Once Lady Justice has been allowed to see clearly (thank the Obama Administration for removing this handicap, which I guess then doubles as a victory for the ADA as well), we can finally start to fix some of these nagging injustices… Take for instance, the issue that black male school children are “disproportionately” punished in schools.  The Obama Administration has used its bully pulpit and the (implied?) | Read More »

    Goodbye and Good Riddance, Coward

    Praise God!  Today we finally ended one of the more sordid subplots to the “Obamination Administration”.   Eric Holder swore to uphold the constitution of the United States and was responsible for seeing that the laws of the United States were faithfully executed.  He did nothing of the sort.  The supreme law of Holder’s Department of Justice was Chicago-style politics and racial/political preference, not the Constitution | Read More »