Seven Reasons Erick Erickson Was Right

    Republican apologists for ‘s Senate-destroying “nuclear option” have produced a lot of fog — but, when it comes to opposing Leftist Democratic judicial nominees, not much war. So it was refreshing when, yesterday, Erick Erickson burst their tiny bubble and came out in opposition to confirming Supreme Court nominees in the Senate with 51 votes and without the possibility of a filibuster. Basically, the “nuclear | Read More »

    Memo to the Jenkins Hill 25: Just Vote Against the Rules

    In retaliation for having the temerity to question ‘s leadership, Boehner has gone “full despot” against the 25 Republicans who voted against him as speaker. In particular, Florida Republicans and will lose their spots on the powerful House Rules Committee. And, according to Politico, “[m]ore punishment is likely.” Conservative “leaders” have sent a whiny letter.  But here’s an idea:  The “Jenkins Hill 25″ should just | Read More »

    Fast Track: The Way to Punish Obama for Not Being Trustworthy is to Not Trust Him

    You have to pass it to find out what’s in it. Remember that?  But if you think ObamaCare was a corrupt exercise in legislating, imagine giving the congressional imprimatur to something that hasn’t been written yet. That’s fast track. In order to give Obama a “legacy-burnishing achievement” [Washington Post, "Obama to seek GOP's help," December 27, 2014, page 1], the Washington Establishment is now pushing | Read More »

    Democrats Should Drink From the Right Bottle

    In the newly released film “Antarctica,” the narrator talks about the similarity, in size and shape, between the standard-issue antarctic water bottle, for personal consumption, and the standard-issue bottle for human waste — and the importance of not confusing the two. The lesson is the same for politics: Those who traffic in both wisdom and waste need to be able, in their own minds at | Read More »

    A Feeble Case for Destroying Senate Rules

    Now comes a National Review article by an “Ed Whelan” attacking my position in favor of the institutional role of the Senate.  And what a tantrum it is!  Whelan is clearly fond of adjectives and invectives.  As for arguments, well, not so much. Before I get to a point-by-point rebuttal, let me just go back, briefly, to the general issue:   There is no conceptual difference | Read More »

    Let’s Not Give Up on the Institutional Role of the Senate

    Back in 2005, a gaggle of so-called conservative lawyers were hatching a Senate parliamentary “con game” called the “nuclear option,” in order to confirm President George Bush’s judicial nominees. At its core, the “nuclear option” is this:  51 senators fraudulently vote that the written Senate rules provide something that they don’t.  They stand in the Senate well, raise their finger for recognition, and lie.  They | Read More »

    ObamaCare Can Be Repealed on January 5, 2015, Under Reid’s “Fraud Rules” Precedent

    Like a toddler playing with a nuclear warhead, an increasingly senile Harry Reid is now threatening to invoke another “nuclear option” to deal with the toxic fallout from the previous one. He has used this to pack the circuit courts in the D.C., First, Fifth, and Tenth Circuits with radical anti-gun, pro-same-sex-marriage judges.  From here on out, the courts will do pretty much what Obama tells | Read More »

    Health Care: You Break It; You Pay for It

    But here’s an idea for Leftist states that scrambled to get “free money” by validating ObamaCare: You broke it; you pay for it.

    Read More »

    The Coming Bloodbath. And What No One Understands About It

    7.1 million.  (Give or take a few hundred thousand.) It’s a number you’re going to hear a lot.  And it’s completely irrelevant. First of all, the most reliable polling we have showed that 73% of ObamaCare enrollees already had insurance.  And the 20% or so who hadn’t paid were almost exclusively concentrated in the group that didn’t, meaning that up to 50% of the previously | Read More »

    The Senate GOP: Trapped by a House Cat

    It has gone viral:  When a 22-pound house cat scratched a Portland couple’s 7 month-old child, the “man of the house” kicked it in the rear. At that point, the animal went “full kitty,” chasing the family into the bedroom and trapping it there. As the 911 operator intoned “9-1-1, what is your emergency?”, in the background, you could hear the chilling abject sound of | Read More »