Los Angeles Radio Personality pushes to change Senate Rules to Allow Gun Control

    Remember Toomey-Manchin, the Obama/Bloomberg gun control legislation? And you remember how its defeat destroyed Obama’s momentum on amnesty, cap-and-trade, and the entire Obama legislative agenda? Toomey-Manchin — i.e. Obama/Bloomberg gun control — had 55 votes in the Senate. It had a majority. The reason it didn’t pass was that the Senate rules allowed the gun control legislation to be filibustered. And breaking the filibuster would have required | Read More »

    “Fast Track”: Put a Stake Through its Heart, Cut Off Its Head, Cover It In Garlic, And Bury It In A Lead-Lined Coffin With a Crucifix On Top

    In a stunning setback for Barack Obama and the new Obama/GOP “era of good feelings and bipartisanship,” the House, by an overwhelming margin, voted to kill the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) sweetener which Obama had said he would need in order to sign the “fast-track” bill. Some in the Washington media are predicting that “fast-track” is dead. But it would be foolish to operate on | Read More »

    Harry Reid in a Skirt

    and his leadership team put a big, fat knife in the back of gun owners in connection with the confirmation of anti-gun loon Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General. As you may know, over 40 senators had announced their intention to vote against Lynch’s nomination. As you may also know, pro-gun senators were filibustering Lynch. And conservatives were prepared to invoke a parliamentary maneuver which | Read More »

    Tipping Point: The Lynch Nomination Will Set The Trajectory

    Victory feeds on itself. Similarly, defeat feeds on itself. When we broke up the “bipartisan” health care negotiations in the spring of 2009 — when we killed every word of Obama gun control — when we “blue slipped” amnesty legislation — we created a reverse-momentum that stymied Obama and changed history. Conversely, when the GOP leadership caved on the Cromnibus — when Mike Pence soiled | Read More »

    The Lynch Nomination is Dead — Unless Biden Cheats and McConnell Caves

    Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch has been called many things:  “Eric Holder in a skirt.”  “The fifth liberal vote on the Supreme Court.”  “The woman who lied under oath.”  Repeatedly. But she will be “history” unless McConnell allows Biden to cheat her way to confirmation. Lynch will be filibustered.  And the “black-letter law” of the Senate rules requires 60 votes for cloture on her confirmation. | Read More »

    The Senate Rules Require 60 Votes to Invoke Cloture on Loretta Lynch

    So let’s start with the black-letter law, the Senate Rules, as they read today — March 5, 2015: And if that question [of whether debate shall be brought to a close on ANY MATTER OR UNFINISHED BUSINESS pending before the Senate] shall be decided in the affirmative by three-fifths of the Senators duly chosen and sworn [except for rules changes] then said measure, motion, or | Read More »

    Washington Post Goes “Full Mao”

    It’s like Henry II and Thomas Beckett. (Look it up.) Queen Hillary muses about ridding herself of the meddlesome Scott Walker. A political hack-assassin publishes a piece in the Washington Post. And whammo! No Scott Walker. (Supposedly) The hack-assassin is the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank. And the sword (again, supposedly) is his Sunday op-ed, entitled “Too spineless to be president,” attacking Walker. And what Scott | Read More »

    Memo to GOP: “Up the Pain”

    It’s a fundamental principle of legislative strategy.  But it seems to have thus far eluded the congressional GOP. And it is this: THE WAY YOU WIN ON EXECUTIVE AMNESTY (OR ANYTHING ELSE) IS TO INFLICT MORE PAIN ON OBAMA THAN HE INFLICTS ON YOU. Obama’s strategy is clear:  After successive failures to invoke cloture on an amnesty-defunding DHS appropriations bill, the congressional GOP, aided by | Read More »

    Las Vegas Billionaire’s Crony Push to Regulate Internet A Threat to Gun Owners

    Since coming to Washington, DC during the Nixon Administration, I have been a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment, seeing most every hazard imaginable to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Sometimes the threats are direct and easy identifiable. Often the threats are part of a chess game forcing us to see three or four steps ahead of the curve.  For the second year in | Read More »

    Seven Reasons Erick Erickson Was Right

    Republican apologists for ‘s Senate-destroying “nuclear option” have produced a lot of fog — but, when it comes to opposing Leftist Democratic judicial nominees, not much war. So it was refreshing when, yesterday, Erick Erickson burst their tiny bubble and came out in opposition to confirming Supreme Court nominees in the Senate with 51 votes and without the possibility of a filibuster. Basically, the “nuclear | Read More »