A Feeble Case for Destroying Senate Rules

    Now comes a National Review article by an “Ed Whelan” attacking my position in favor of the institutional role of the Senate.  And what a tantrum it is!  Whelan is clearly fond of adjectives and invectives.  As for arguments, well, not so much. Before I get to a point-by-point rebuttal, let me just go back, briefly, to the general issue:   There is no conceptual difference | Read More »

    Let’s Not Give Up on the Institutional Role of the Senate

    Back in 2005, a gaggle of so-called conservative lawyers were hatching a Senate parliamentary “con game” called the “nuclear option,” in order to confirm President George Bush’s judicial nominees. At its core, the “nuclear option” is this:  51 senators fraudulently vote that the written Senate rules provide something that they don’t.  They stand in the Senate well, raise their finger for recognition, and lie.  They | Read More »

    ObamaCare Can Be Repealed on January 5, 2015, Under Reid’s “Fraud Rules” Precedent

    Like a toddler playing with a nuclear warhead, an increasingly senile Harry Reid is now threatening to invoke another “nuclear option” to deal with the toxic fallout from the previous one. He has used this to pack the circuit courts in the D.C., First, Fifth, and Tenth Circuits with radical anti-gun, pro-same-sex-marriage judges.  From here on out, the courts will do pretty much what Obama tells | Read More »

    Health Care: You Break It; You Pay for It

    But here’s an idea for Leftist states that scrambled to get “free money” by validating ObamaCare: You broke it; you pay for it.

    Read More »

    The Coming Bloodbath. And What No One Understands About It

    7.1 million.  (Give or take a few hundred thousand.) It’s a number you’re going to hear a lot.  And it’s completely irrelevant. First of all, the most reliable polling we have showed that 73% of ObamaCare enrollees already had insurance.  And the 20% or so who hadn’t paid were almost exclusively concentrated in the group that didn’t, meaning that up to 50% of the previously | Read More »

    The Senate GOP: Trapped by a House Cat

    It has gone viral:  When a 22-pound house cat scratched a Portland couple’s 7 month-old child, the “man of the house” kicked it in the rear. At that point, the animal went “full kitty,” chasing the family into the bedroom and trapping it there. As the 911 operator intoned “9-1-1, what is your emergency?”, in the background, you could hear the chilling abject sound of | Read More »

    Crony Online Gambling Ban Threatens Gun Owners’ Rights

    It is no coincidence that the post-Newtown battle between good and evil ultimately came down to an anti-gun Manchin-Toomey proposal which would, conspicuously, have banned the private sale of firearms and many firearms parts and accessories on the Internet. But Manchin-Toomey is only the logical culmination of decades of proposals to destroy the Second Amendment by destroying the integrity of the Internet. Those measures include | Read More »

    It’s Time to Move the Individual Mandate Delay in the Senate

    The individual mandate delay (H.R. 4118) passed the house Wednesday by a 250-160 margin and, thanks to Senator Rand Paul, the bill should be on the Senate calendar by the time you read this. Although there are tricks to bringing it up, bringing it onto the calendar means that any Senator can force the Senate to vote on delaying the mandate — or any other issue any | Read More »

    The World’s Worst Idea

    Comes news that House GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy has endorsed comprehensive legalization for persons unlawfully in this country, and predicts the entire House “leadership team” may follow suit. Presumably, the leadership epiphany will be embodied in the “immigration principles” which House Speaker John Boehner will unveil at this year’s appropriately named “Republican retreat.” Thus, this package is expected to include: -a legalization “pathway to amnesty,” | Read More »

    Don’t Let Harry Reid Protect Endangered Democrats From ObamaCare

    At 10:15 Tuesday morning, on the Senate floor, Senator Mitch McConnell did the right thing. McConnell proposed a unanimous consent agreement that would allow Obama’s unpaid-for unemployment insurance extension to move forward — but only if Reid would guarantee a vote on delaying the ObamaCare mandate. Not surprisingly, Reid fumed — and objected. Obama’s allies had made it clear on the front page of the | Read More »