Law Enforcement Contempt, I’ve Had Enough

    As I have written before, I have been a police officer for 28 years. The men and women with whom I have served are some of the most honorable, dependable people that you could possibly meet. They are compassionate. They are dedicated. They are patriotic. They are hardworking. And they truly wish to make a positive difference in the communities they serve. The vast majority | Read More »

    A post from a disappointed law enforcement officer

    I have been a law enforcement officer for 28 years. I have dedicated my adult life to serve and protect the communities in which I’ve lived. Every day, good decent men and women like me, put their lives on the line to serve and protect people that they mostly don’t even know. We realize that it is a thankless job. We know that most people | Read More »


    As anyone knows who has not been in a cave the past few days, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame has been suspended by the A&E network for comments he made about homosexuality. I have grown weary of the left-wing politically correct crowd who try to silence everyone that speaks dissent against their agenda. Phil is not the first to say that homosexuality is a | Read More »


       It is a sad day. And it isn’t sad just because an election was lost. The election was just an indicator of much bigger problems. The great country in which I grew up and loved no longer exists. Before the election I wrongly believed that there was still time to salvage our once great nation but alas it’s already too late. We have passed | Read More »

    A Solemn Plea to All Patriots

    The primary/caucus process that we’re going through is extremely important. It allows us to nominate the Republican candidate from the ones who chose to run. It is perfectly okay and it’s expected that each of us throw our support behind our favorite candidate for whatever reasons we choose. If Mitt Romney is your guy, support him wholeheartedly. Rick Santorum may ring your bell. If he | Read More »

    Liberalism is a mental illness or ya’ gotta be crazy

    The shootings in Arizona were tragic. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families that are suffering because of that terrible situation. The young shooter is obviously a mentally disturbed individual. However, as we are all aware, the wingnuts on the left were quick to point fingers at conservative pundits and politicians as being the cause of the tragedy. As the truth has | Read More »

    The Contract with America that I would like to see.

    I realize that the Washington elites could care less what a common man thinks but our Tea Party movement is forcing them to listen. So while we have their ear, I wish to express the things I would like to see in a new and improved Contract with America. I truly believe, if followed, these precepts would help in returning our nation to the greatness | Read More »

    A Few Things That Chap My A** (if anybody cares)

    The first thing I wish to mention is how we’re told that we’re suppose to be tolerant of the great religion of Islam. The progressive mainstream media abhors all religions except Islam which is their darling. It’s ironic because the progressives are all for gay marriage but Islamic nations support the death penalty for homosexuality. Supposedly, the progressives are for women’s rights (liberal women only) | Read More »

    Idealogue or inept? Either way it’s a disaster.

       Our current president and his administration are either the most inept governing group that we have ever had or they are extreme idealogues that are willing to severely damage our great nation in order to reshape the world as they see fit. I personally believe it’s mostly the latter with a little of the former in the mix. Let’s take a look at some | Read More »

    It’s a Sorry World

    It’s a sorry world we in which we live. We live in a world where cold-blooded killers like Stanley “Tookie” Williams are revered by the liberal elite, and innocent unborn babies are murdered every day all under the banner of choice. We live in a world where Israel is condemned for defending itself with kid gloves while Hamas, a terrorist organization which has murdered thousands | Read More »