The Liberal Twilight Zone

       Imagine, if you will, you are a hardworking family man. Every scheduled day, you are on the job. You work very hard. When overtime is available, you take it every time. You do everything possible to give your family a good life. One day there is a knock at your door. You answer it. There is an unkempt, disheveled, seemingly healthy young man on | Read More »

    Hang on, November is Acomin’ (An Ode to Barry)

    Obama got elected to provide hope and change.  But all we got is oppressive government chains. Hang on, November is acomin’! The Constitution is an impediment to Obama and his ilk. He would like to shred it and destroy what our founders built. Hang on, November is acomin’  Obama is progressive and wishes to reshape our nation. He pines for an America with a lower worldly station.  Hang on, | Read More »

    America Must Stand With Israel

       A man was walking down a beach. He noticed a small boy carrying a bucket of water away from the surf where he had just dipped it. The man watched as the boy poured the water into a shallow hole which he had recently dug. Then he started back towards the ocean. The man called to the boy and asked, “Son, what are you | Read More »

    Who do we blame for this mess?

       Early in his administration, President Obama started our nation down the road which leads to America becoming a European-style socialist country. He started by having the government take over a significant portion of the banking industry. Then the government took over two-thirds of the American auto industry. Now he has the pedal fully to the metal with Obamacare. And make no mistake about it, | Read More »

    America is still great but she is teetering toward disaster.

       Almost 234 years ago some very brave men met in Philadelphia. Led by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams, they declared our nation’s independence. The Father of our Country, George Washington, formed a small citizen army. They were undertrained, underequiped and underfunded. But they made up for their deficiencies with spirited patriotism, ruggedness and grit. With little food and without adequate clothing or shelter, | Read More »

    The “Mafia-Style” Strong Arm Tactics of the Obama White House

       I am a 24 year veteran law enforcement officer. There was a time that I worked in a large metropolitan police department. That city had a strong organized crime syndicate in its midst. And as far as I know, it still does. I no longer reside or work there. The local mafia was involved in three major legitimate businesses. They owned a local bank | Read More »

    It is time to stand united & cast off the chains of oppressive taxation.

       It is tax season once again. Like most working middle-class people, I dread having to deal with it. The current broken, bloated tax code is overly complex, unfair and oppressive. The Washington elitists and the pointed-head bureaucrats manipulate it for power and profit. It should also be noted that it is completely unconstitutional. But, as we all unfortunately know, federal taxes will always be | Read More »

    Lt. Governor Andre Bauer was right ; He just used a poor choice of words.

       Liberals, democrats and the media, which we all know to be one and the same, have attempted to convince the world that they have the market cornered on compassion and care for the less fortunate. They have demonized republicans and conservatives as being heartless and uncaring. Their campaign of propaganda has been very successful. The majority of apolitical, uninformed people look at conservatives in | Read More »

    Political Correctness has to go.

       Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid referred to President Obama as being light-skinned and without negro dialect. A firestorm ensued from our side of the political spectrum. I understand why many in the conservative movement used this “gotcha” moment to make a point about the double-standard which exists between liberals and conservatives in matters such as this but there is no reason to go on | Read More »

    Tolerance is as tolerance does.

       I recently watched an episode of a dramatic fictional TV program. The show was entertaining but like most of Hollywood’s offerings these days, it had an underlying theme with a liberal bias. It was urging tolerance and understanding for Muslims and the Muslim faith.    Freedom of religion is one of the pillars on which our republic was built. I strongly believe in religious | Read More »