re: Christmas vs Happy Holiday

    Although not Christian, I love everything about Christmas and I rejoice with my Christian friends and neighbors at the birth of  Jesus. How can one find fault with a holidayof peace and love..and tolerance! I am grateful that as a descendant of a people who for five thousand years have been persecuted and villified and chased out of  most of the countries on earth …this | Read More »

    McCain Loyalty To Base..(not so much)

    There is a contract between any candidate and his supporters. I speak from a background of either managing or advising at least 2000 campaigns(city,state,and local.) Supporters sign on to spend their time,their money, and their reputations to do everything they can to achieve victory for their candidate..Candidates pledge all of the above to their supporters, plus must show they have the “fire in the belly” | Read More »

    Prepare for the assault on free speech

    “You don’t have to be a weatherman to see which way the wind is blowing.” Regardless of the election’s outcome the battle to limit fress speech through use of the (un)Fairness Doctrine will begin . Aided and abetted by the corrupt MSM and the uninformed, intellectually challenged, products of our public school and uber-liberal colleges, a Dem controlled congress will try to silence conservative thought | Read More »

    Here Comes Hillary- Bye Bye Biden

    I’ve been wondering how they were going to kiss Joe goodbye. Rudy’s prophetic convention salvo in dealing with Obama’s flip flops “I’d get that vice president thing in writing Joe,” will prove to be good advice. Today in New Hampshire JB said that Hillary would have made a good Vice President, a qualified President, and then said she may even be a beter vp pick | Read More »