How to stop Obama’s coming rants about approving his nominee to the Supreme Court

    Just point out every single time that Obama voted for the filibuster of Sam Alito. If it were left up to then-Senator Obama, there would have been no vote on his predecessor’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Have every Senator repeat this. Then they should add that if the President is worried about deadlock, then he should call for the resignation of one of his | Read More »

    Steven Hayward emulates those who mocked Reagan.

    In an article at PowerLine, Steven Hayward declares that Trump is an unserious candidate.  But didn’t he write in his excellent Age of Reagan, about how many people, including establishment Republicans thought Reagan would be terrible? Let’s take what Steve wrote and substitute Reagan for Trump.” I still say Reagan won’t make it to the nomination, but right now I’m only about 60 percent confident | Read More »

    Is Hillary the security leak that let the Russians hack into the White House?

    Powerline reported months ago that the White House computers were inaccesible, yet no one in the mainstream media ran a story that would make the Obama Administration look incompetent.  Now CNN is reporting on the story, and saying that it is traced to an initial break-in at the State Department.   Their is mention that a frequent way of getting access is with e-mails supposedly from | Read More »

    Starbucks wants to lecture customers with liberal talking points on race.

    Tell them you think George Zimmerman should not have been charged, his civil rights were violated.  TrayVon Martin was suspended from school for theft and drugs and should have been in jail, but the principal wanted his numbers to look good so they covered it up.  TrayVon Martin was on drugs at the time and beat up George Zimmerman. Michael Brown did not have his | Read More »

    Action Congress can definitely take to deal with amnesty.

    The Constitution’s only specification with regards to the State of the Union address is: He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient. Until 100 years ago, this was generally a written report.  Then President Wilson gave an address in person, and it has | Read More »

    How to keep Harry Reid from eliminating the filibuster.

    Keep the filibuster with this preemptive strike.

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