Mitch Daniels, a Solid Compromise Candidate for Conservatives and RINOs!

Mitch Daniels is a solid choice and a better fit for the Republicans nomination than Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty.  Daniels has been coy about running in 2012 and I would not be very disappointed if Daniels was the nominee. Sure Mitch Daniels would be a compromise candidate, but Daniels would be strong in the mid-west compared to Romney. Mitch Daniels is a policy wonk with a solid record as Governor of Indiana. There are some drawbacks to Mitch Daniels like his ties to George W. Bush and the fact that he is just 5 foot 7, and thathe lacks the charisma of Sarah Palin. I believe Daniels would be a lock to win Indiana and Ohio and could definitely pick off Wisconsin or Minnesota. Finally Daniels is not a Liberal Republican like Romney, but he is no Jim DeMint or Sarah Palin either. Daniels is still rock solid pro life and his work as OMB director is also impressive. Mitch Daniels is a step in the right direction and couldbe a candidate that both Conservatives and the RINOs, that run the Republican party accept. I still would like a more conservative candidate, but I would vote for Daniels in the General election!

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