I am a veteran and a pro-Israel Christian who is VERY opposed to Islam and amnesty/illegal immigration. I proudly support Senator Ted Cruz for president and I also own the largest and most active Tea Party group on Facebook,. Over 47,000 strong!


    The One Word That Will Win Ted Cruz the Nomination

    In last November’s election, the Republicans campaigned on just one issue. Extreme opposition to Barack Obama and his big government, liberty stealing agenda. They said “If you put us in power, we will stop him. There will be no amnesty and no Obamacare.” Many conservatives, myself included, actually got suckered into believing that, and worked tirelessly to give Republicans a majority in both the House | Read More »

    As a Conservative, I Support Ted Cruz for President

    In 2008, our GOP kingmakers said that we must nominate an establishment moderate as our candidate for president if we wanted to win the general election. Conservatives then supported in the primary over more conservative choices, only to watch him get clobbered in November. In 2012, the GOP elite trotted out that same lie about moderates and electability. So conservatives took one for the team | Read More »

    Chris “Benedict Arnold” Christie spends the election week publicly kissing Obama’s butt and sabotaging Mitt Romney.

    Chris Christie has proven himself to be a traitor to conservatives everywhere. Christie spent the past week having such a public ”man crush” on Obama, that someone might have mistaken him for Chris Matthews. The focus this last week should have been on Obama’s shameful conduct in Benghazi. Instead, the  schizophrenic Christie allowed himself to be manipulated by Obama’s camp so easily, that one has to | Read More »

    A Redstate Exclusive: Monica Boyer of Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate.

    Who says that one person can’t make a difference? Monica Boyer, a mother of four, was instrumental in taking down a sitting U.S. senator. This is the story of  Monica Boyer, who exemplifies everything that the Tea Party movement stands for. Monica got involved in politics in 2004.  She owned and operated a licensed home daycare. Then the state of Indiana began to over-regulate daycare. | Read More »

    Huddle Up For Heroes: A Patriotic 11 Year Old Boy Takes A Stand For Our Military.

    In many ways, Christopher Edwards is your typical eleven year old boy.  He loves motocross and animals, and like most his age, enjoys playing with his friends.  He loves chinese food and sushi, and said he could eat it “all the time.” But one thing about Christopher is different.  He recently started a group called Huddle Up For Heroes, whose purpose is to see that | Read More »

    WOW: Obama Campaign Hits a New Low, and No I am Not Making This Up!!!!

    Obama has set up a new website today. It’s called the Obama Event Registry. It’s purpose is to encourage people to….get this…. take the money that would be used to buy someone a gift on a special occasion like their birthday, graduation or wedding and instead donate it to Obama’s re-election campaign. It even tells you how to write the note. Got a birthday, anniversary, or wedding | Read More »

    Why Conservative Richard Mourdock will be the next Senator from Indiana.

    Current Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock will defeat Richard Lugar, Obama’s favorite Republican, on May 8 and go on to do a great job of representing the Hoosier state as their Senator.  Mourdock is a principled conservative with a bright future ahead of him.  There are several reasons Indiana voters should cast their ballots for Mourdock over Washington, D.C. insider and career politican Dick Lugar. Let’s | Read More »

    Code Pink founder praises Ron Paul’s remarkable foreign policy

    Is a vote for Ron Paul a vote for Code Pink? On Monday, the left wing anti-war group Code Pink praised Ron Paul’s foreign policy while condemning Obama’s apparent lack of diplomacy toward Iran in a press conference on Monday, according to the Daily Caller. “I think Ron Paul has a remarkable position when it comes to U.S. foreign policy, and his call for no | Read More »

    Trevor Loudon to headline Tea Party Fort Lauderdale’s Third Anniversary Event

    Tea Party Fort Lauderdale’s 3rd Anniversary Welcomes from New Zealand…Trevor Loudon Trevor says, “I’m a libertarian activist and political researcher from Christchurch New Zealand. I believe in freedom with responsibility, not freedom from responsibility. My ideal society is one in which government is confined to protecting its citizens from criminals and external enemies. I believe in working with all those who are moving in | Read More »


    Andrew Ian Dodge: Olympia Snowe ‘out of touch’ with 21st century Maine

    Andrew Ian Dodge, a 40-something writer, blogger and Maine Tea Party Patriots coordinator, says Republican Senator Olympia Snowe is “out of touch” with modern America, and that is why he is running to unseat her. According to his bio, he “organized the first registered tea party event in Maine, which took place in Augusta on April 15 2009.” He was also instrumental in formulating the | Read More »